1: Into the Woods

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"Cmon, bro bro!" Mabel called upstairs to Dipper.

"I'm coming!" Dipper called back. "I just gotta find my journal!"

Ever since Bill had destroyed the journals during Weirdmaggedon, Dipper worked hard to recreate them. Ford was very proud of his great nephew since he had retired.

"It's on your desk!" Mabel reminded.

"Oh, right."

Grunkle Stan stepped into the living room. "Hey, pumpkin. Where you and your brother going to today?"

"We're going to try to find the gnomes again." Mabel replied.

"Those little buggers are ridiculous!" Stan frowned. "Isn't this your fifth time now looking for them?"

"Yeah." Mabel sighed. "Seems like every year they move to a different location just to ignore us."

"Well, maybe you'll find them today." Stan nudged Mabel's arm.

"Hoping so." Mabel grinned.

Dipper ran down the stairs with his journal. "Alright, I'm good to go."

"Be careful now." Stan winked.

"Grunkle Stan, we've been doing this for years." Dipper laughed.

"And besides," Mabel added, "we're 17 now! We're stronger than ever!"

The twins looked at each other and high fived one another. "Mystery Twins!"

They laughed and giggled before running off into the forest.

Grunkle Stan sighed with a smile. "If only Ford and I were like that."

As they went deeper into the forest, Mabel brought her hands up to her mouth and cupped them like a megaphone. "Hey, Jeff! It's me, Mabel! I've come to marry you!"

"Mabel, you say that every year." Dipper laughed.

"Who knows, maybe it'll work this year." Mabel smiled.

Dipper flipped the pages in his journal. "According to our map, they were right here five years ago."

"Should we even try looking again?"

"Let's go deeper."

As they ventured farther into the forest, something was becoming more familiar.

"Dipper," Mabel nudged him, "have we been here before?"

"It looks familiar, but it's not in my map." Dipper looked through his journal.

Then, Mabel stopped in her tracks.

Dipper noticed Mabel had stopped walking and looked up from his book. When he looked ahead of him, the journal dropped out of his hands.

Dipper and Mabel had found the statue of Bill Cipher.

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