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Aria's POV

This is so not my day.

Not only did I have detention, but I had it with him. Why in hell did he have to sit behind me?! I could feel his eyes boring into the back of my head all through first period while I barely controlled the urge to turn and glare at him. But thankfully he hadn't attended the next two classes i had with him. The rest of the day had gone well without any hitches and it had been fun to catch up with Liam again. He'd gone to Canada for the holdays with his family and apparently I Had to go too! He was so over excited about everything but I had really missed him. He always supported me and was my best friend though he was a jock too. We'd grown up together and though many people assumed we'd be a couple, we just never felt that way about each other. Anyway, it's not like I had time for relationships. But what I really didn't have time for right now was day dreaming! I better head to detention.

This was such a waste of time! I just hoped that we'd get off early so that I could make it in time. I wanted to get atleast an hour in, but the pool would close by 6 o'clock and it was already 4:30! I hurried over to Mr.Torres' classroom and was glad to see that I was the first one there. But the later they were the more late I'd be. I mean it was so unfair to make me stay more than the designated hour. An idea struck me and I took out my cellphone. Standing with my back to the large clock on the wall I clicked a picture of myself making sure that the time was visible. I grinned with delight as I now had evidence of spending extra time here so I could leave on time. Happy with myself I skipped over to the back of the class and sat by the window. After a while Mr.Torres' walked in with Sean behind and by all the shouting I gathered that he'd caught Sean about to ditch and go home. I smirked at the annoyed look on Sean's face but quickly wiped it off when he suddenly turned and stared right at me.  

All of a sudden he was the one smirking as he completely ignored Mr.Torres and walked towards me. I groaned and turned my face towards the window praying he would leave me alone. But of course, why would he do me such favours? 

'Well hello there! Missed me much?' he asked as he sat down in front of me, straddling the chair backwards so that he was facing me.  

I looked towards Mr.Torres for help but he didn't seem bothered at all as he settled back and took out a novel. I turned and glared at Sean but he just sat there with his arms around the back of the chair and his chin resting on it while he stared at me. As I looked at him, suddenly I found myself noticing how his eyes were such an intense blue with just a little green. You could literally sink into those eyes, like the sea.  

'Click a picture. It lasts longer', he said bringing me out of my reverie. 

I felt embarassed but tried not to let it show. Anyway if he could stare them so could I. 

'I was just thinking how guys with green eyes look like frogs', I retorted and stuck my tongue out at him. 

His eyes widened but then he threw back his head and laughed, making me fume with annoyance. 

'I was thinking about how not all blue eyes remind me of winter skies', he said.

What??!! I stared at him trying to figure out if he was actually paying me a complement or just playing around as usual. But he was just staring back at me with absolutely no expression on his face to give away his real thoughts. Then suddenly he just smiled and closed his eyes tilting his head to the side on  the back of the chair. 

"What the hell are you doing? Just turn and do your work or something", I said.

"Nope," saying this Sean just continued to sit like that.

If I didn't know better I'd think he was actually sleeping. But it couldn't possibly comfortable to sleep like that. He's probably just doing it to annoy me anyway.

I decided to ignore him and just stared out of the window waiting for the hour to be over. I did sneak a few glances once or twice at him but he really seemed to be asleep. After a while I saw that my hour was up and picked up my backpack to leave. Just as I passed by Sean he grabbed my bag and pulled me back.

"You've still got twenty minutes lift darlin'",he smirked.

I jerked my bag from his grip and walked upto Mr.Torres as I fliiped out my phone. Kicking the table to gain his attention, I smiled sweetly at him while he glared at me for scaring him out of his nap.

"Get back to your seat Ms.Clayton. You're not done yet", said Mr.Torres.

I brought up the picture on my phone and shoved it in front of his fat face. Pointing at the clock on the picture i said ,"Do the math."

He furrowed his eyebrows and looked closely at the picture. Obviously annoyed at first but then just sighed and motioned me to go out as he settled back again.

I walked to the door and turned back to look at Sean just before stepping out. He was in the same position but his head was turned towards me. I stuck out my tongue at him while he just cocked an eyebrow and grinned. I felt like going up to him and kicking him but just then he turned back and went back to sleep.

"Annoying git," I murmured as I walked out.

Just as I was about to go to my usual parking stand I remembered the morning incident and groaned. Now I'd be more late and would not get enough time for my workout. I hated missing out on it since I had been giving it every spare hour I could, after the Doctor had released me from rehab. I still had a long way to go but things really weren't looking up. As I walked out of the campus I felt a drop of water on my nose and when I looked up, sure enough it was raining again. I loved the rain to say the truth but not when it cramped my whole day like this. I pulled my hoodie over my head and started walking faster. 

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