Chapter 16

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(I'm changing a bit of the scene in the manga to make it so that the reader is more involved. I hope no one minds~!)


"Jaffy, do you think Mr. Mystros is gonna win?" Ja'far and (Y/N) stood next to Sinbad as they all watched the teen battle against his father. As Mystros released a flurry of stabs towards his father, the eight-pointed star on Knight King Darius's spear lit up, and a shield appeared, the damage from Mystros's attacks struck against it, the sheer force blowing him back. As Maystros struggled to stand, (Y/N)'s grip tightened around Ja'far's hand, making him look at her.


"Jaffy, he's cheating. That isn't a fair fight like all the other knights are saying."

"There's nothing we can do." He turned back to watch Mystros throw his spear at the shield, then dash forward to try and hit him with his fist. They all look wide eyed as his fist landed on a shield instead of his target. (Y/N) watches as he gets flown backwards again, slamming against a wall, then to the floor. She couldn't stand it. As Knight King Darius walked towards him, (Y/N) ran away from Ja'far, ripping her hand from his grasp as he starts yelling at her.

"Stop it mister!" All the knights look towards the child, including Mystros and his father. Darius turns towards her, slowly walking towards her as she stands her ground.

"Child, you have no business to stop this battle. This is a sacred fight as dictated by doctrine." She points her finger at him, her voice getting louder, making Ja'far run over to her and stand by her.

"How is it fair?! You have a power that you got from a scary tower! Mr. Mystros doesn't! That isn't fair at all! You knew you would win from the start because you're a big, fat cheater!" She raises her hand into the air and focuses her power in her fingers and snaps, all the windows shattering and a loud ring resonates within the building. "I may not understand what doctrine means, but I do know fighting fair and square means you can't use powers against someone that doesn't have them. If we fought, I could easily make you give up because I can control you with my magic! Is that fair?"

"(Y/N)..." Ja'far looked around to see the guards glaring at her with a few stepping towards them. Sinbad walks over to them, placing a hand on her head.

"She's right. You sure talk big for a guy that won with a djinn's power. You called it the power of the gods because you got it for conquering some legendary tower? It's often been called that. It really is a special power, but it's not a power that's just yours." He raised his sword into the air and summoned a single bolt of lightning, causing all the knights to talk amongst themselves in shock. "This is the power of a djinn given to a dungeon capturer. All dungeon capturers have it. Using that kind of power to win against someone that's not a dungeon capturer. (Y/N)'s right; What's fair about that? I can't agree with it."

"Just who are you?"

"Sinbad. A merchant traveling the seas of the world, and just like you, a dungeon capturer." He looks down to (Y/N) and Ja'far. "You two go back to Hina." Once the two kids were out of the way, he turns back to Darius and smirks. "Hey old man, have a match with me. As you see, I have a pretty loose tongue. I might just thoughtlessly say all sorts of things. If you win, you can deal with me as you want."

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