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you hated your eye color,
called it a dull and dirty brown.
wished for the deep blue of an ocean,
where admirers hearts would drown.
and it pained to realised,
You'd never see it like i do.
The way your eyes hint at a story,
that i want to read right through.
they hold specks of stolen sunlight,
that youd miss with just one glance.
and a depth of raw emotion.
that can freeze you in a trance.
They're a fix of melted chocolate,
when im craving something sweet.
but hold a gaze thats so unwavering.
that i find it hard to meet,
i fall right down the rabbit hole.
when i look into your eyes,
they made me feel like ive been found.
and i hope you never say again,
that your eyes are simply brown.

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