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As you were walking by the couch one day, you stopped at certain words that came from Gon's mouth. "Sweets, let's watch a movie!" You frown, and laugh, but flop down next to him.

You didn't ask about it at all, that's what he called you most of the time now. Sweets.


You were watching TV, and hear Killua's call for you. Except that call wasn't normal.
"Bunny! We're out of food!" He yelled.

You inwardly laughed at the name and yelled back. "Go bye some then!"


Little did you know, you weren't actually out of food. He just wanted to test out the nickname.


As you were sitting on the edge of your bed on your computer Illumi came swinging in. "Love, where are all of your books?"

"They're in the cabinet that's holding the vase"

"Okay, thanks" he then walked back out, and you continued tapping on your computer, not really acknowledging the fact he called you 'love'.

That was his nickname for you from now on.


The shop had been re painted, re furnished, new stocks of everything and such. Your hair was all done up, and you were in a super cool magician's outfit that did show a bit of your really nice chest and a tiny bit of your great bottom! So yeah, a lot of cleavage. I mean, it's what magicians wear, right?

As you got done with your dark lipstick, you walk out the bathroom like a boss, and Hisoka chuckles at the sight. "Ah, why hello there beautiful" you laugh, and grab his hand walking out the door.

You thought it was a one time name, until he just completely stopped saying your name, and called you 'beautiful' instead. 😉


You stole another necklace, and well, it wasn't actually a necklace. It was a beautiful jewel choker. You couldn't really get it on. You groaned, and ran up to Chrollo. "Help." You said. He laughed, and stood up.

He tried to put it around your neck.
"Wait, I don't know how these things work..." He said.
"Just clip it in the back."

"Why do you do this?"

"Just do it!"

"I'm trying!"

"No you're not"

"Babe, I'm literally trying as best--- oh wait. Here's the clip"


Well, he started calling you 'babe' ever since.


You thought you could beat him in arm wrestling. Let's just say things didn't go your way.
That's pretty much your nickname.


You finish up a mission, and head back to base with Phinks, when you walk buy a new ice cream place. Yes. A place you've never seen before. You stop dead in your tracks, and bounce. "Ice cream! Ice cream?" You chirp, and question Phinks. He sighs.

"Hon, that's like... The 3rd time today.."

"Pphhiiiiinksssssss!!" You whine.


He only said 'hon' to sweet talk you out of it, but the name kind of just stuck with you after that.


"Shalnark! Shalnark! Shalnark! Shalnark!"

"Yes?" Shalnark responds happily looking at you. You were surprised he wasn't annoyed with you already.

"I want that new phone! You have a weird way of getting things quick! And there's a new phone that I want! Please!"

"Of course! Anything for you, princess!" He said, and started out the door. He comes back half an hour later with the new phone in his hand, and he beams while handing it to you.

"Okay. Don't know how you got it so quick! The lines were killer long! But I don't care!"

"Didn't you hear what I said?" He chuckled. "Anything for you, princess"

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