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Tessa's Pov:We got to the house when we saw News trucks wanting to interview us and fans asking for pictures.I walked in to see Meagan and Anthony cuddling on the couch🙄

T:Aww their so cute!

J:Yeah let's scare them


J:1 2 3 BOO!!!

A:Omg you guys about gave me a heart attack!

M:Same here!

J:Well I'm going to call Erika she's coming home tomorrow 😃

Tessa's Pov:I walk into the kitchen and grab a water and head up to my room when I see Chance snuggled up in my bed💜

T:Hey babe wake up

C:Hey beautiful I missed you so much!

T:Aww I missed you too!
I kissed him on the lips then we started making out on bed which I was okay with but nothing else😉

T:Ummm Chance we should stop

C:Ok babe I'll wait for you

T:Man I love you so much❤

C:I love you a million times more!

T:Not possible

C:Well it is

T:Fine but just because I don't feel like fighting with you😂

Nathan's Pov:I'm going to DM Jake and see if I can come over tonight and bring Alex with me.Hopefully he will say yes because I'm going to make sure Tessa is all mine and not Chance's😈

Tessa's Pov:I changed into some warm comfy clothes because Jake said he wanted to have a Challenge to see who could stay up the longest and I knew I was going to win😁


Tessa's Pov:I still had my makeup on so I decided to take some cute pics

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Tessa's Pov:I still had my makeup on so I decided to take some cute pics.I also straightened my hair because Chance loves it straight.Now I know what your probably thinking why would she do all this if I'm staying home well Jake invited some people over which were girls and I want to look cute because Chance is mine and I want to look good for him😀

J:Tessa get down here!


C:Wow Tess you look so adorable how can someone look so cute in sweatpants and a oversized hoodie

T:Thanks babe!

C:What you should know it's true

J:Guys my friend is coming over so be nice also why is the house so clean

M:The cleaning lady worked her butt off

J:Oh wow

A:Oh I'll get it!

(BTW the only people at the house right now is Jake,Nathan,Alex,Tessa,Chance,Anthony and Meagan)

N:Hey guys!


She ran and hugged him he picked her up

T:What are you doing here!

N:Well I asked Jake if I could come over and he said yes plus I wanted to see my girl!

Chances Pov:Oh hell no he did not just call Tessa his girl!Look I'm fine with Tessa having guy friends but not when they call her their girl😐

C:Hey what's up I'm chance

N:Hey man I'm Nathan so Tessa I was thinking we could go get fro-yo in a minute

T:Ummm sure I'd love too....

N:Thanks I can't wa-

T: only if Chance can come!

Chances Pov:That's my girl she just told Nathan she would come only if I could go man I love her so much!😙

N:Uh sure but if Chance is going to get jealous then I don't think you should go

C:Ok first of all listen here you piece of-

T:Chance!Calm down!OK

C:Ok I'm calm!
4 hours went by everyone has just watched a movie and played some games

Nathan's Pov:Man Tessa really does love Chance it would hurt to see him cheating on her.But like they say every good thing must come to a end . I'll tell to be all over Chance.😈

N:Alex come here

AL:Yeah what do you need?

N:You know the plan right

AL:Make chance cheat on Tessa


AL:Ok I'll be rightback!


AL:Hey my names Alex

C:hi my names Chance nice to meet you

AL:Your hot!

C:Ummm thanks

AL:So do you have a girlfriend

C:Actually yes I do have a girlfriend her name is Tessa

AL:Well I don't see her anywhere but I'm here

C:She's right over ther
Before he could finish his sentence Alex grabbed him by his shirt had kissed him

T:I'm going to go see Chance


Tessa's Pov:I was going to see Chance when I saw him kissing that girl Alex I stood there in shock tears were falling down my face I just ran up stairs.😭

C:What the hell are you doing!

AL:Kissing my boyfriend

C:I'm not your boyfriend and I'll never be!

AL:why not babe

C:Because your nothing but a slut!And don't ever call me babe!

C:Tessa open the door right now!

T:No Chance you have did enough!
Chance unlocks her door

T:How did you get in!

Chance:I know the code😉

T:Chance get out!

C:No Tessa do you really think I would cheat on you!

T:Well then why did you

C:Tessa she kissed me I pulled away go look at the security footage  (They watched the security footage)

T:Babe I'm so sorry

C:It's OK Tess I would never cheat on you I'm head over heels for you 💜

T:Aww I love you

C:I love you too

Nathan's Pov:No no no He pushed her off damn it he really does care about her!Well who cares I'm still going to try to brake them up if it's the last thing I do!!😈😐😐

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