Chapter 1

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Callum Grier stared out the window of his penthouse suite feeling bored.

He'd lived here in this town for almost twenty years now, building his company from the ground up. The company was doing well and he had good people working for him. Good enough they really didn't need him if he decided to just pick up and leave.

Now seemed like a good time to move on. As a vampire, he couldn't stay in one place to long before people began to realize he wasn't aging the way they did. Saying you have good genes only goes so far.

The moving wasn't so bad, he had someone do that for him. No, it was the starting over that was annoying. Having to figure out what he wanted to do for the next few years and most often starting from scratch to do it.

Giving a tired kind of sigh, he turned from the window. Walking across the living room, he grabbed his leather jacket from the coat rack. Putting it on, he turned off his light as he walked out, locking the door behind him.

He didn't really need to lock his door, he had a private elevator, but it was a habit he'd formed. Stepping onto the elevator, he pushed first floor. Once there, he stepped out and was greeted by the doorman.

"Good evening Mr. Grier." The night doorman said as he held open the door for Callum to walk out.

Callum gave the guard a nod, but said nothing, as he stepped out into the dark evening. He stopped then to breathe deeply of the night breezes. He loved this time of the year, early fall. A time of gentle breezes and falling leaves.

After a moment, he set off down the sidewalk at a fast pace. Slow enough to pass for human, but barely.

Moving quickly through the crowded sidewalks, he made his way toward the club a friend of his owned. He knew the club would be hopping on a Friday night and he could quickly find a willing neck for a quick blood snack. Of course, his friend also had liquid refreshment on hand for those who preferred not to bite, but he wasn't one of those. Though, sometimes he did rely on bagged blood.

As he walked, he cleared his mind of all his stress and worries, taking in the sounds and scents of the night. He began to think more of where he'd like to go, and what he might possibly do. He wondered if his brothers might like to go with him, though neither had been here as long as he had.

Passing by a dark alley, a soft sound pulled him from his thoughts. He paused, curious, as he glanced down the alley way, looking for the possible origin of the sound. Hearing it again, a moan perhaps, he turned and slowly began to walk down the alley. He looked to the left and then to the right, holding his nose at the stench of garbage.

As he drew close to the dumpster, he noticed the smell of blood mixed in with garbage. It was probably just a dead animal carcass, but he decided to check it anyway. Just then he spotted a girl's shoe, his gaze moved upward to her leg, then to the rest of her body.

A young girl lay, her hair matted and bloody, thrown away like garbage on an old rug. He stepped closer, close enough to hear her sluggish heartbeat.

"Miss, miss?" He called softly.

The girl never even twitched, but knowing she was alive meant he needed to do something. So, he moved closer, crouching down to lift her into his arms.

The girl gave a quiet, barely audible moan.

"So sorry," Callum murmured as he began to walk, "but you need help."

Reaching the end of the alley, he looked left and right. After making sure no one was around, he began to run. He ran faster than the eye could see until he was almost at his brother Boyd's house, then he slowed down.

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