32~Old's missing

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Marie-Anne's POV

Sometimes I wonder why companies create budget meetings, you just sit there listening to danm numbers. Like I'm not an accountant, I don't care about the money. I guess it is just one hour of waste, one hour not to do no work, one hour to think about life, one hour to get your mind going crazy.

I sit there banging my pen on the table listening to our financial chief talking, listening is the wrong word to use. My eyes are looking at him, but both my mind and my heart are somewhere else. How can I listen to things I don't care about when I have so much going on? I've never been someone to worry about things I can't control like the weather, how people act, and including my health. Only God can control these things, however, I now find myself worrying about every single thing in my life. How can I not worry?

I never pictured myself becoming a single mother as a kid, I've never pictured myself getting pregnant when I didn't even want a kid, but God knows why He let it happen. Maybe there is something for me to learn in this or maybe not. Maybe I am just paying for my mistake, who knew one night could change your whole life? Who knew one little harmless mistake can turn your whole life upside down?

I honestly thought Dylan was going to come around, I thought he would call me to apoligize. Perhaps, I shouldn't have blamed him, when I found out I was pregnant all I could think about is me getting an abortion and forgetting I was ever pregnant. He acted exactly like me, he was just saying how he felt. I shake my head getting these thoughts out, no matter how he felt he had no right to tell me to get an abortion.

"That will be all," I hear our financial chief say closing his PowerPoint, everyone lets out a sigh of relief including me. No one likes budget meetings. I grab my folder on the table exiting the room, time to do some real work. I reach the lobby and I smile at Trisha walking up to her to say hello.

"Hey Trish," I greet her. Her red curls are all over her face making her look crazy, I always liked seeing a person with red natural her.

"Hey, how was the unnecessary meeting?" She asks, she is so lucky she doesn't have to sit through these meetings.

"Unnecessary," I answer her. She chuckles typing away on her computer.

"There's someone here to see you," she says.

"Who?" I ask surprise. No one comes to see me at work, the only people who use to stop by all the time were Tyler and Dylan. Tyler is all the way across the world and Dylan, well, I told him to get out and he took my word for it. Don't men know when you get mad, all they have to do is apologize?

"Her," she says pointing her fingers behind me. I slowly turn to see who she is talking about. My eyes land on Rebecca sitting in the corner on her phone. She probably didn't notice I am back. Now, what is she doing here? If Dylan sent her, I am going to kill him when I decide to talk to him.

I turn and look at Trisha, "thanks," I say. She mouths you welcome to me and I walk up to Rebecca. She gets up from where she is sitting when she notices me, "hey, what are you doing here?" I ask her mostly talking in my teeth. My mom always tells me not to do that, she says it looks rude or something.

"Hi, I'm so sorry to bother you, but you got a second?" She asks. She is dressed in all black, her hoodie over her face. She looks like she is tired from running a marathon or something.

"Yeah, sure," I say, I didn't have time to be socializing, but she seems like she really needed some of my time, "what's up?" I ask her taking a seat. I had heels on and let's just say standing with heels for a long time is not as easy as they make them seem in the movies. She takes back her seat when she sees me sitting down.

"Have you talked to Dylan?" She asks me. Dylan, it had to be Dylan.

"No," I answer. It has been like two days since I last seen him and if he doesn't want to call me, I am not calling him, "why?"

"I just don't know where he is, he hasn't been to work and-" I cut her off before she can continues.

"He's probably just at home taking some time off," I tell her. Dylan's a grown adult, he can do what he wants.

"He isn't, I've been calling him and he isn't answering his phone, can you try to call him, please? He'll most likely answer if it's you," no he won't.

"Trust me, he won't answer. You're a private investigator, why don't you just look for him?" I ask her.

"I promised him I wouldn't do unless I was sure he's been kidnap or killed," she says. That is such a stupid promise to make.

"Then he isn't, aren't we all happy?" I ask sarcastically.

"Look the last time I saw him, I was being such a bad friend, all he needed was someone to try to understand him and all I did was yell at him, can you please call him? Not for you, but for me," she says. I look at her feeling a little bad. I take my phone out of my jacket's pocket dialing his number.

I put the phone on speaker for her to hear, the phone rings and rings, but no one answers. "Hi this is Dylan, but you knew that because you are calling my fucking number. If you think you're worth it, leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as possible, if not please leave my fucking voicemail. Bye," his voicemail says. He has the weirdest and rudest voicemail ever.

"Hey Dylan, it's me um... Rebecca is here worried about you, I'm not, but she is. Can you please call her when you get this message?" I hang up the phone hoping he will call her because this girl looks like she's going to die if she doesn't hear from him soon.

"Thank you," she says giving me a hug, "I really appreciate it," she adds.

No problem," I tell her. She lets go of me and I couldn't be happier, I hate when people hug me.

"Please contact me if you hear from him," she says handing me her card. Weird, she then walks away going in the elevator. Now I am starting to get a little worried, what if he is really in danger.

Where the heck are you Dylan?


Where's Dylan?

Au Revoir...

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