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"... so you see, that's how it all started." There's a pause as my uncle processes the story. He's the only one I can really tell about what I'm going through, because he was once in the same situation. He got through it though, which is why I was able to turn to him for advice. 

"Well, I think it's obvious what you need to do. Colin came about after Siobhan dumped you, you found out about your dad, and then your best mate turned his back on you. So you could say that those are his reasons for being there. My theory is that to get rid of him, you need to get rid of one of them." 

I struggle to comprehend what he means by this. I try to think, but my mind is shrouded in Colin-related fog. But suddenly it dawns on me. I don't like it, but it's my only choice. 

In order to be totally free of Colin forever, I'll have to kill either my best friend, my own father, or the girl I'm in love with.

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