Week 6

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Lately she has been having some problems at breakfast wanting to be dominant over food. I wait to put her bucket on the fence until she quites pacing and has a calmer expression.

She did kick me once when she was eating and got chased away. I didn't let her come back to it until she had a softened expression. She definitely learned that moving her feet and being away from food was due to her kicking me and most likely that won't happen again. I took something (food) that she wanted away from her to show her that her kick was not okay by adding pressure and making her move.

Last night she was really cute though. I always get Sunner and Pepper in from the feild into a paddock. They all wear fly gear so I need to see each horse. I get Sunner and Pepper settled but I haven't seen Flicka yet so I go out in the pasture to look. I find her laying down getting ready to go to sleep. She allowed me to cuddle with her and take her fly masks off. She stayed laying down the whole time even after I left. Needless to say she was very relaxed and content about her environment to get to go to sleep laying down.

Really been enjoying the easy life and just hanging out. Her new favorite thing is when I open the gate to let Sunner out she likes to run into the paddock and scrounge around the shed for any hay Sunner leaves behind. Silly baby.

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