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Kim Namjoon lived an extra ordinary life. He has never been starved in his life. He never has to wear the same clothes twice. He lives alone in a huge house by himself. He drives sports cars and eats only food prepared by an expert chef. In total, his life is a luxury. Everything is the way he liked it but his parents are the only drawbacks. Them and his brother, Jin, who is only a few years older than him. He loves his brother but whenever they're together in one room, Namjoon feels suffocated by the fact that their parents literally worship the ground their eldest son steps on. He's the apple of their eyes. They have always been proud of him. Who doesn't? He's highly intellectual, properly mannered, and most importantly, he's made for business while him, they only see him as someone who they need to feed. He's only an obligation, not a priority.

"Just show up at the dinner. Everybody will be there. People will ask questions if you don't show up." Jin convinced Namjoon, following him out of his room as he just woke up from his afternoon siesta.

"People always ask questions." Namjoon groaned, cradling a headache after last night's crazy party. He couldn't remember a thing as he put an aspirin between his teeth and pushed it down his throat with a glass of water. "You're the only one they care about. I will only cause trouble if I come. Remember the last time?"

Jin released a deep sigh as he recalled how his brother picked a fight with one of the major shareholder's grandson but he shrugged the memory off and still didn't give up. "No, you won't. Namjoon, do it for me. This night is important for me."

"Okay, okay. Just stop talking. My head hurts enough as it is." He said, holding the remote and pressing on on of the buttons to close the curtains because the sunlight is very offensive to his eyes. "I just have to be there, right? I don't have to say anything?"

"Yes." Jin smiled and gave his younger brother a small hug and a pat on the back. "Thanks man. This is a really huge thing for me."

Of course it is. Jin is going to be appointed as the new CEO since their father is resigning from his post and would most likely spend most of his time playing golf. Namjoon is happy that Jin is taking the position. He deserves it more than anyone else. He worked hard for it. He has a person that is full of passion. Namjoon envied him, not because he's inheriting the company, but because he has enough will to do something he puts his min into, because he makes their parents happy, because he's a kind person. They are a complete contrast with each other. While his brother is on the way to success, Namjoon is still undecided on what he wants to do with his life.

He was left in the living room of his own home, staring at the ceiling as he tried to remember what happened last night. How he got home and walked into his bed? Who drove him home? He's a lost cause. Everyone knows that. All he does all day is have fun. Namjoon dropped out of college. He's actually capable of being at the top of his class but he couldn't take it. Living his life like a copy and paste of yesterday was torture. College was like the extension of his family affairs, people telling him what to do, how to act and speak as if he's an infant not capable of deciding things for his own. That's just not how he wants to live.

An annoyingly loud ringing snapped him out of his thoughts and made him walk around the house, trying to find where he put his phone last night. Namjoon was having the worst day with the worst headache of all time and he had to run around and trace the irritating sound that's enough to male his brain split in two. He opened the fridge and found his phone there. He had totally no idea how it got there.

"What?" Namjoon sharply exhaled when he saw Taehyung's name. He is the last person he wants to talk to right now.

"Dude, have you seen the news?" Taehyung hysterically asked and his raised voice made his head hurt more.

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