Chapter 20

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Clarke's pov

I woke up to Octavia's alarm.

"Turn it off. I want to sleep." I said as I covered my head with my pillow.

"Clarke you need to wake up. We have school and we have the dance today." Octavia said as she  got up and opened the curtains.

"Ugh, fine." I said and with that got up and started to get ready for school.

"Let's go downstairs to eat breakfast." Octavia said after we were done getting ready.

"Okay." I said and we went downstairs.

When we got there I saw Bellamy and I guess he saw us too because we looked at each other for a moment before I looked away.

"Do you guys need a ride for school?" Bellamy asked Octavia and e as wr sat down to eat our cereal.

"Yes, please." Octavia answered.

When we got to school Octavia and I headed straight to the gym. Today was all about finishing the decorations and getting the gym ready for the dance.

"Hi guys." Monty said and smiled as we walked in.

"Hi, wow this looks amazing." I said and looked around the room. The decorations were perfect, there was fake snow on the ground and the chairs and the tables were already set up.

"Thanks, Jasper and I came early today to try and finish this." Monty said and looked around.

"Oh, you guys shouldn't have." I said and looked at Monty with a smile.

"It's okay, it was actually really fun." Monty said.

"Monty come here I need help. I don't remember how to work this snow machine." Jasper shouted from across the gym.

"Don't touch anything! I will be there in a second." Monty shouted.

"Clarke." I heared Octavia say.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Are you going to help me put centerpieces on the table or are you just going to stand there?" Octavia said sarcastically.

"Ha ha, so funny." I said and let out a laugh. After that I walked to Octavia to help her.

We had nothing else to do today than decorate the gym and after we were done with that we were free to head home.

"Do you want to come to my place to get ready?" Octavia asked as we were wlaking out of the gym.

"Yeah sure, I will just text Finn to pick me up from your place." I said and smiled.

We got to Octavia's place and it was around 4 pm. We had about 2,5 hours to get done for the dance and take pictures. Octavia started to do my make up and after that was finished I put on my dress. It was so beautiful. Octavia did her make up and hair. When she had done that she did my hair.

"We are done." I heared Octavia say. She turned me around to see my hair from the mirror.

I wanted it to be a surprise so I asked Octavia to do it so that I can't see it.

"It's beautiful!" I said amazed by how good Octavia was at this stuff.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." I said and hugged Octavia.

"Your welcome, just be careful that you don't ruin your hair and make up." Octavia said and smiled.

"When is Finn picking you up?" Octavia asked.

"He will be here in 15 minutes." I said.

"Oh, Atom will be here in 5. Is it ok if you stay here alone for a little while?" Octavia said.

"It's okay. I don't mind." I said and really I didn't mind spending 10 minutes alone.

5 minutes went by and we were heading downstairs when Octavia turned around.

"Don't forget the votes." Octavia said.

"I won't. I got the votes in my bag." I said and smiled.

"Wow O you look beautiful." I heared Bellamy say when we got down.

"Thank you big brother. You don't look too bad yourself." Octavia said and smiled.

Bellamy was wearing a simple black suit with a navy blue tie.

"Is it okay that Clarke will be here for 10 minutes. I have to go because Atom is waiting on me but Clarke's date isn't here yet." Octavia said.

"Yeah it's okay. I will get Gina in 20 minutes so I guess I will be keeping her company." Bellamy said and looked at me.

"Okay." Octavia said back.

"Have fun. See you there." I said and hugged Octavia.

"See you soon, bye." Octavia said and closed the door.

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