Harry Hook

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I was speechless. I'm not even exaggerating, I was literally speechless. The guy standing in front of me was obviously a pirate, the way he dressed and the hook on his hand gave it away. But I could instantly tell that he was so much more than just an ordinary pirate.

That scheming grin on his face, the intricate jawline, and those eyes that seemed to bore straight into my soul made my stomach flip, and my insides felt like they were turning to mush. This guy (who I had never seen before in my life) was -and I can't even believe I'm saying this- hot. Extremely hot. My breath was taken away from the way he looked directly at me.

"Hey, there, princess," he uttered. "Lost your way?"

"Um- not exactly- I mean- um..."

"Well?" He raised an eyebrow.

Ok, STOP it, Sheena. He's just one of those dumb, obnoxious pirates probably helping Uma keep Ben prisoner. You should slap him! Tell him to get lost!

"Um, I- I- like your face! I mean, ship!"

Nice going, Sheena. That definitely sounded like "get lost."

His hook pressed slightly harder against my throat.

"I think you should come with me, darlin'. It's not safe for you to be running around out here in nothing but your lovely Auradon Prep pajamas."

Looking down, I realized I still had on my PJ's on. Great. Now he knew I was from Auradon! I'd probably give Mal's entire rescue mission away if I didn't get away right now.

"Um, no thanks. I gotta go." Turning around, I tried to leave, but before I could get farther than a single step, he grabbed my arm in a firm grip and pulled me back. He held his hook up again, right under my chin. Despite his extreme attractiveness, I felt a cold wave of fear envelop me. Now I was going to get found by Uma, and Mal would never get Ben back when Uma discovered her plan!

"Can't have you running off, can I?" he questioned. "Maybe you should join yer precious King Ben!"

I gasped. He wouldn't- would he? Noooooo! I don't wanna go on that ship! Helllllp!

Suddenly, out of the blue, someone's hand grabbed the back of my T-shirt and pulled me out of his grasp. I was shoved roughly onto the ground as whoever had just grabbed me jumped between me and the pirate.

"Back off, Harry! Leave her alone!" It was Jay's voice. Wait- Harry? As in, the jerky sea scum who was Uma's first mate and main sidekick? At least, that was how Mal had always described him to me. But this dude wasn't anything like how I had pictured Harry Hook! But I guess I should have known. The hook, the accent, the clothes- all trademark signs of Harry that Mal had told me about. But for an evil pirate, Harry was gorgeous.

Focusing back on the two guys, I watched as Harry laughed an extremely crazed yet extremely beautiful laugh. "Awwww, Jay. Protecting the lil' princess, eh? You can't protect her from Uma, you know."

Jay looked about ready to punch Harry. "She's not a princess."

Harry glanced back at me. "What are ya then, darlin'? Definitely not one of us." Glaring at Jay, he added, "And neither are you. You turned your back on evil long ago."

Jay was about to reply, but thought better of it. Without another word, he turned around, lifted me up, and started walking away. I was about to tell him I could walk just fine on my own, but stopped when I heard Harry call out from behind us. "You can't protect her forever now that I know she's here, Jay. And neither can Mal!"

Jay said nothing until we got back to the tent. He didn't look back towards the ship or down at me. He just kept walking. At first I thought he was just angry because of Harry, but I soon found out I was wrong when we got to the tent. He dumped me on the ground and crawled inside the tent.

"Hey, watch it!" I called. That was a mistake. He grabbed my shirt again and yanked me into the tent like I weighed nothing.

"What was that for?"

Jay's eyes blazed. "I'll tell you what it's for! It's for you sneaking out and walking straight up to the ship like a total idiot! What were you thinking? Mal put me in charge of you before she left this morning! Now she'll blame me, because Harry knows about you, and he knows about me, too! If he tells Uma, which he undoubtedly will, Mal's entire plan will be ruined, and Ben will most likely die because of you!"

I gasped. Jay had never yelled at me ever before. But I guess I deserved it. He was right. What was I thinking?

"I- I'm sorry," I said, my voice quivering.

"Sorry doesn't even begin to cover it," he snapped, turning his back to me.

I backed up into a corner of the tent and buried my head in my arms. I had really screwed up. And if I thought Jay yelling at me was bad, what about Mal? Ben was her boyfriend, after all. She would be furious with me. If she even made it back. Uma had probably already found out about her plan.

As I began to silently cry, I felt Evie's arm around my shoulders. No Carlos, though. I guess he felt guilty about this morning. At least he wasn't stupid enough to go straight up to the ship and practically announce his presence to the whole pirate crew. Unlike me. I was such an idiot.

A few hours later, I heard the familiar sound of Mal's footsteps approaching the tent. Light entered the tiny space as she entered. "I'm back!" she announced. Weird. She didn't sound mad. I lifted my head and saw no trace of anger on her face. Could it be that Harry hadn't told Uma? "So, it turns out Uma wants the wand, but since we're just going to be attacking her tomorrow anyway, that doesn't matter..." She trailed off.

The second Mal saw my tear-stained face and Jay's still furious one, her eyes widened. "What's going on?" she asked. "And why is Sheena crying?"

Jay spoke up. "Sheena went over to the ship and Harry found her. He knows about us now, and it's only a matter of time before Uma finds out too."

Mal went dead silent. I think she even stopped breathing. "Can you repeat that?" she asked. Jay didn't respond. It didn't matter. She had heard perfectly the first time. Her face went completely red, which was a strange sight, since it's usually super pale. She took a deep breath, and I braced myself.

"SHEENA! WHY DID YOU DO THAT? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA MUCH DANGER WE ARE IN RIGHT NOW? HOW MUCH BEN'S IN?" She reached out to slap me, and I shrieked, ducking away. Despite the gravity of the situation, it looked almost comical.

"STOP!" Carlos bellowed, speaking up for the first time in hours. He jumped between me and Mal. "Mal, this is my fault, not Sheena's. I made her mad this morning and she ran out of the tent. It was super early, so she was kinda out of it and ran straight into Harry." He gave me an apologetic look. I smiled gratefully. Hopefully this would make Mal a little less angry.

Nope. I was wrong. Again.

"Oh, ok," Mal said, her voice eerily quiet again. "So what I'm hearing is- Sheena ruined our plan and put Ben's life in danger because she got mad?????"

I gulped. There was no way out of this one.

"Yup, pretty much," Carlos squeaked.

Mal glared at me. "I knew it," she snapped. "I knew I shouldn't have trusted you, Sheena. No matter how much you try, you will never be one of us. You will never be a VK."

Her words stung like knives. After all this time of trying to fit in and found where I belonged. After all this trying. My sadness and hurt turned quickly to anger. She didn't want me anymore, why should I stay? Shoving past her, I opened the flap of the tent and ran out.

"GET BACK HERE!" Mal howled after me. "YOU'LL GET LOST..."

I didn't hear the rest. I didn't even care. I didn't care about the fact that it was almost pitch black already. I didn't care about the danger I was in. All I cared about was getting away. Away from the shore. Away from the Isle. Back to Auradon. Where all I'd ever be was one of those prissy pink princesses. I made it out of the pipe and back into the streets of the Isle. But that was only as far as I got before I collapsed from exhaustion. Burying my face in my arms for what seemed like the millionth time today, I began to cry.

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