Chapter 11: Skype night

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Danny's P.O.V

It has been nearly a week now since Katie left and every minute is killing me. We both try our best to ring each other most days but most of the time, when I ring, she's at work and when she rings me, I'm in the studio, it can be really frustrating at times. Especially seen as I want to get to know Katie better, she doesn't really talk about herself or her family much, all I really know is that she has six brothers, she plays saxophone and she likes cake but I hardly call that a solid foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Anyway I was on Mark's laptop at his house, trying to edit some music. Glen had gone home and Mark was on the sofa with his kids and his wife (Rhina), in the kitchen. Rhina had offered to make my tea tonight so of course I said yes. Save's me cooking.

''So Danny, is Katie a pretty one then?'' asked Rhina ''Uh yeah, she's beautiful'' I muttered, starting to blush but still keeping my eyes on the screen. ''Show me a picture then Dan'' she insisted, with her hand on her hip. I searched myself for my phone but then realised it was in my coat pocket, on the sofa. ''Umm its in my coat, Mark pass it us would ya'' I said to Mark. He took one of his children of his lap and reached over for my coat, he was struggling to find it. ''Oh just show me her on Facebook, or something'' said Rhina, now leaning on the back of my chair. ''Alright'' I mumbled. Then I typed her full name into 'Google'. Lots of links began to appear but I was only bothered about the first one, her Facebook account. I wasn't her friend on Facebook because I didn't have an account (kind of due to the fact that I'm a little bit famous and I probably would have quite a lot of friend requests, stopping me from seeing my real friends 'friend request') but I did have 'The Script' page and it turns out she's already liked our page. Once I got onto her profile, I clicked on her profile picture. ''There she is'' I said, gesturing with my hand, to the computer screen. Rhina leaned forward to see the picture better. ''Oooh, ain't she cute'' she said. ''Yep'' I uttered back. Then Rhina made her way back to the kitchen to plate up tea.

When I pressed the 'back' button in the top left hand corner of my screen, it went back to all the links. I was about to close the page, when I spotted her first name again further down the page, I looked closer and saw that it was a news article link. The name after Katie wasn't familiar to me but somehow, I felt the urge to click on it. Before I did though, I read the summary, underneath the website name. It didn't say much only, 'Mysterious girl with deep cuts and bruises, found in school playground next to a d..' I couldn't see anymore so I clicked on the link to read on. When the page started to load, first came up a picture. It was a young, tanned girl, her hair was dark, straight and very wiry, she stared blank at the camera, her eyes were as back as coal and when I looked closer at them, all I saw was emptiness, complete and utter emptiness. Her hands by her side gave her somewhat of a sinister look about her but she only looked about eight years old. She wore a type of, all black uniform or something and it had a symbol on the top of the sleeve, it was hard to make out but I saw half a circle, with I think an 'X' going through it. Just as the article began to appear on the screen, the first word I saw was 'Usha' but before the page revealed anymore, Rhina called us all to the table for tea. I looked back at the page again, still loading the rest of the actual news article. This should explain things, I thought to myself. But suddenly the page stopped loading and said it was blocked, I was a bit disappointed because I was intrigued to find out, what the article actually said. ''C'mon Danny, are you having your tea with us or what?'' Rhina shouted. I turned around to see a concerned Rhina and Mark and the kids stuffing their faces with Rhina's chicken dinner. ''Are you alright there Danny?'' she asked. I sighed deeply. ''Yeah I'm fine'' I said, shaking off any weird thoughts in my head and made my way over to the table. Never mind, its probably just nothing.

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