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Cara walks into the sitting room to a welcoming view of the two brothers, one in a grey suit reading today's newspaper and the other, shirtless and pressing his phone. It will take Cara sometime to get used to the similar faces but she doesn't mind waking up to this view. Xander is the first to notice her presence as he looks up from his newspaper and gives her a quick glance then focuses on his newspaper again.

"Hey you," Xavier looks up from his phone. Cara walks over to sit on the couch where Xander is sitting, shifting a little purposely ensuring she inches close to him. He looks up from his newspaper gives her a weird look which she expects.

She turns to Xavier, "Trying to seduce me with the abs?" which by the way Cara thinks is glorious, like a Calvin Klein model. Cara imagines how it feels to run her fingers down that sculpted stomach but almost immediately dismiss those thoughts, mentally scolding herself.

"Bad Cara, really bad," she mentally reprimands.

"Trying to seduce us with the shorts?"

"I wouldn't have to seduce you." Cara winks.

"Are you flirting with me? You really shouldn't miss. I don't play, I really would fuck you." Xavier winks.

Xander at this point has stops concentrating on the newspaper, he is staring at the words but it makes no sense. Are they really flirting in front of him? The nerve, it's just 7: 30 am but this day is already a bad one.

"You can try, but do you want to risk falling in love?" Cara retorts.

Xander closes his newspaper in anger, drops it on a coffee table beside him as he stands up from the couch, picks up his briefcase and walks out of the sitting room. The pair watches Xander leave, when he is no longer at eye reach, they burst out in laughter.

"In less than 5 minutes, you owe me 50 dollars." Cara folds her arms. They made a bet the other night on how fast they could get Xander to walk out of a room in annoyance. Xavier believes his brother has a patience of 10 minutes, Cara bets 5 minutes or less.

"Okay fine, you win." Xavier surrenders.

Jonathan walks into the sitting room with a bright smile on his face, "Now you can proceed to the table." He announces as he gestures to the dinning.

"Thank God," Xavier breaths out as he stands up. Jonathan and prevented Xander and Xavier from entering the kitchen because he says he has a special breakfast planned.

Cara walks behind Xavier to the dining room, her nose picking up the aroma of the meals. She walks in with her jaw-dropping at the sight. Beacon, pancakes, eggs, muffins, bread, grapes, strawberry, toast, coffee, sliced oranges orange juice, syrups, cakes, and these are only the things Cara is planning on trying out, the rest like the salad, the twins don't like it very much.

Is this heaven? Food heaven.

"Who died?" Cara blurts out.

Xavier, on the other hand, is not surprised by these, it always happens when he comes back home. Jonathan takes him back and celebrates like the father in the prodigal son.

"I pity all those you had to order to make these happen." Xavier takes a seat.

"Where's Alexander?" Jonathan asks. Cara feels guilty, Jon had all these planned for the brothers and she just sent one away.

"He's coming," Cara says, walking away from the mouth-watering food as she heads for the door.

"What?" Xavier says as he picks up a muffin.

"I will be right back."

Cara breaths out heavily because she had to run to catch up with Xander before the car begins to move and she did. Xander gets down from the car with a confused look on his face. "Why were you running, are you insane?" Xander stares at the woman who's breathing heavily.

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