10 Tips For Your Fanfic On Wattpad

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As you may or may not know , we are a week away from the Voting session of the 1D Watty Awards.

So this week everyone should be focusing on promoting their book to get more support and votes when next week comes.

So here's just a little something I made that shows'How to get your book more popular' It is not facts, just my own observations and own experience


Enjoy xx

1. Your story title

The title is going to be one of your first Impressions so it is important that your title is catchy. It helps ensure that the book will stick in the readers mind. It also has to be unique. 

It should reflect on what is inside the book but also has to be quite intriguing for the reader. This way it will create curiosity for the reader and want them to read more. And reading more equals success.

Examples of good One Direction fanfic titles:


+ Lights, Camera and Harry Styles: Personally this has to be one of my favourite story titles. It shows @xSnowKiss 's creativity; something I always like seeing in a writer. Not only is it catchy, it also has a little bit of what is the story going to be about.

+ Changing My Direction: I love puns. If this is even a pun? I don't know but this is another creative yet effective title from @forevermystic. I don't know if this was her intention but for me changing direction means Louis and Harry changing their ways to be 'gay'. So it already has what the story is going to be about.

+ Stupid, Crazy Love- This title is an example of something that makes the reader wonder. Love isn't meant to be neither stupid or crazy, so what maked it those? It just draws the reader in. 

I'm not going to post any bad examples as that is just rude. Just make sure that it isn't:

+ Too long

+Gives too much information

+Looks like you didn't try at all

2. Book Cover

Personally I am obsessed with book covers. It is also one of the first Impressions. So always make an effort with it. If you can't be asked to make you own, there is always the BOOK COVER CLUB. Just find someone there who can make it for you, there's always a talented person there.

So, ALWAYS have a book cover.

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