Reactions. Part 3

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Fai's POV...

Formally stated, Newton's third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

That is very very true. So Prissy found out when she started slanging off on me that I was a whore.

" And you would know what a whore is, don't you Prissy? Was that after or before your third abortion?" I asked her with a smirk when she started to call me names. It didn't take much for her to start being physical.

She grabbed a fistful of my hair and gave it a yank. But since I was expecting it, I knew what moves to make to break her hold of me. I have learned a few things from hanging around with some of the boys.

She went to pull my head down towards her knee and I jerked my arm up in front of her face and swung it over her head with a swing so that she might still have my hair in her hand, but my arm was right behind her head with my hand now with an even more fistful of hair that she has of mine.

It was a movement that surprised her, I noticed.

With a hard yank up with my fist of hair, she screeched and let go off mine. It was actually a shriek that she let out and I don't blame her. Pulling someone's hair in a downward motion didn't do much damage to anyone. But, pulling even asingle strand of hair upward against the natural flow of it and you can just about cripple someone. Much like I did with her.

Not that I let go of hers with all the jerking she was doing. I had to block her other arm to begin with when she swung it out at me in an attempt to have me let go, but with the way I yanked her hair, she was quick to use both of hers to reach for my own and try to scratch my hand out of her hair. But I wasn't finished.

" We all know who the whore is here, don't we?" I yelled in the hallway of the school with a crowd beginning to form around us.

All the while, Prissy was screeching bloody blue murder up and down the place with a few of the closer students covering their ears from her painful screeches. Her screeching was mainly with how she was going to kill me. But not before I gave her a hiding.

I gave one of the other girls a quick glare when she went to make a move and help her idiot friend which froze her with a bit of a stumble before stepping back. I smirked at Izzy when she did that. She knows what i can do. She ought to.

" What me and Danny do is no-one else's business but our own. But when you start bringing everyone else into it, the rules get changed. We all know how many boys you've been at it with. Hell, the whole school knows since you are not very discreet about it. Are you? Graham, Micheal, Ronnie, Peter, Stewart, Raymond? Should I go on? You and your three bimbo's are the joke of the school with how many boys you can nail. They even have bets on which one's you'll do each week. It's disgraceful. And you call me a whore after I have been with just one boy? You're pathetic, Prissy. Pathetic." I sneered at her while she continued to squirm and try to get my hand out of her now twisted and knotted hair.

Then the bitch leaned forward and bit me through my school trousers. That was a bad move. Because it hurt. I let go of her hair of course and swung back with my hand and gave her the sharpest and loudest slap that echoed right down the hall to the far end.

Where the vice principal was now standing. Not that I saw her at first.

"That's what you get for biting me. I'm going to go to the nurse and if you have broken skin, I'm going to demand a tetnus shot and call my parents. See what happens then when this becomes a matter of record. Public record and a blemish on your school record. You just wait." I sneered at her as I pushed her back away from me which caused her to stumble on those stupid heels she was still wearing. Then I watched as she fell to the floor near her friends.

Unfortunately, everyone could see what she had for breakfast, my gran would say when someone would show their unmentionables for some reason. Unmentionables being underwear. Or what Prissy called them since they were just a scrap of material. The boys who were gathered around were of course, smirking and leering at the display on show. The girls were just looking on in disgust.

" For goodness sakes. I told you about those stupid shoes, Prissy. I said they weren't proper school wear and do you listen when I say you could hurt yourself, no!" I muttered as I brushed passed the three girls who were now on the floor. Two of them helping their idiot friend up off the floor.

" Fai and Priscilla. My office. Now!" The vice principal called out which was the impetus for all the other students to hurry along and disperse themselves from the free show and make their way to class which would be starting shortly.

The next hour was spent in the office explaining what had happened and why. Of course, Prissy made such a spectacle of herself with how injured she was from my assault that for a moment, I thought the VP was going to believe her.

But I was wrong. The VP had been standing there for most of the altercation and with the surveillance camera's on during the who debarcle, I was cleared of all wrong doing. But I still got a detention over the whole thing.

" Because ladies do not take matters into their own hands. They wait for a teacher to come along." The VP went on to say in a stern tone of voice as she leant against the edge of her desk in front of us and glared at the two of us.

" But, Miss..." Prissy started to say when the VP held up her hand to silence her.

" Priscilla. There was one thing that Fai said that she is very correct in saying. Heels ( pointing to the heels in question) such as those and clothing attire such as that to wear is not acceptable attire here in the school. Tomorrow morning, I expect you to show yourself to the office where you will be inspected for approved attire as befits girls of this school and if not, you will be excused from school and return home with a note explaining to your parents why you have been refused entry. Do I make myself clear, Priscilla?" She leaned forward with ther arms crossed under her half sized bosom and glared at Prissy who just nodded her head back at her.

After being given another lecture from her, I was finally allowed to leave and make my way to the nurse who checked the bite wound that Prissy gave me. I started to curse and spit when I saw that there was now a large purple bruise along with a perfect set of bite marks.

I asked the nurse to call my mother and with a nervous look at me, the nurse did just that.

When mum walked into the room with a frown on her face, I knew that she had already had a chat with our VP. But this was something she hadn't been told and she went from frowning to pissed off in the blink of an eye when she realsied what happened and who did it.

There was no love lost between mum and Priscilla's mother, Noelene. Prissy takes after her mother in a lot of ways I don't need to mention. But we did hear rumors at one stage that daddy and Noelene had a bit of a fling. I don't know if it was before or after mum and dad got together.

Whatever it was, it left mum occasionally spitting chips about it and dad had to soothe her down a bit.

Anyway, that was how everyone found out that I was preggers. I was just wondering how Prissy found out when there was only a few of us who knew.

But I am sure it will come out one day.


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