Chapter Three

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//Author's Ramble//  HEY GUYS.  So.. it's a short chapter this time around, I apologize for that.  I've been in and out of the hospital the last few weeks, and between chemo and dialysis, I'm usually too tired to write. I really do apologize and I hope that this stops your withdrawal symptoms (SUNNY) lol.. i love you guys... bye//

"He's okay.  Stable and he should be waking up soon even.... No, I don't know why he did it.... I didn't even realize!  Of course not Leah.  The doctor says we can go home when he wakes up, and he gave me some papers, therapist numbers, stuff to watch out for and what to do in case of complications.  I'll be taking good care of him, and if you dont believe me, feel free to join me."

Candy was here.. wherever 'here' was.  I opened my eyes slightly, looking around before closing them again.  I was too tired to so much as open my eyes.  A hospital room.  There were machines, I could hear beeping.  Odd suction cups where attached to my chest.  Why were they there?  I could feel something odd lightly squeezing my index finger on my right hand.  What was going on? 

I remember.. I cleaned up all the glass at our house.  Did I lose too much blood and pass out?  Well no, there couldn't have been that many cuts or gashes.  Besides, I cleaned and bandaged them, there weren't enough to do that.  After that I laid on the couch to go to sleep.. but then I saw all the pictures of Candy and I and Jeremy.  Candy, Jeremy and my parents.  The happy family photograph.  I tried to kill myself.  I tried to make their lives "all better".  What the hell is wrong with me?

Obviously, it didn't work.  I heard Candy's voice right as I woke up earlier, so she's here with me.  I relaxed, knowing that someone was at this hellhole with me, and I wasn't alone.  I didn't want to be alone. 

"I'm so sorry Benny," I could hear my sister say, her voice muffled as she cried into something.  Her hands, possibly.  "I didn't know.  I didn't know.  I'm sorry."  I couldn't help but to wonder why she was sorry.  Why was she crying?  I'm not dead, so shouldn't she be happy or something? 

I opened my eyes again, squinting at the bright lights above me, before blinking rapidly and looking towards my sister's voice.  She was just wiping her own tears away, taking a deep breath before straightening her back.  Like a soldier.  She looked so strong when she did that.  But she had still been crying, before, and it was my fault.  I should apologize.  Saying sorry doesn't make it better.  Saying sorry doesn't fix anything. 

"I'm sorry."

Candy jumped, as if someone had just popped a firecracker near her ear before looking over at me.  "Benny!"  She rushed over, being careful of all the wires and hugged me tightly, nearly crushing a couple of ribs in the process.  "God, I was so worried when I found you, okay?  Dont ever ever ever ever ever do that again.  I would die if anything happened to you.  I'm sorry that i didn't know you wanted to hurt yourself, I'm sorry that I didn't realize it, I"m just really sorry."  She rambled on, for another five minutes, crying and hugging me.  I patted her back awkwardly, not exactly sure what was going on, or why she was apologizing when I was the one who'd done what I did. 

"I love you Benny, I love you more than anything and more than anyone, and I dont want anything to happen to you ever, so if you ever feel like, like, um.. doing what you did, then you can tell me and I'll do whatever it takes to make you feel better, okay?  I promise!" 

I was going to say something, but a doctor walking in stopped me short, and instead Candy left, leaving me to talk to a complete stranger by myself.  Doesn't she know how scared I get when I have to do that?  How hard it is for me to speak, how much I stutter and people laugh at me.  What if this doctor laughed at me?  I could feel myself beginning to hyperventilate.  Why did she leave me?