bonus convo: 5 : 2 2 PM

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"I'm pregnant."

"Yeah, I heard that part."

"I have the test, if you want to..."



"I'm just kind of wondering how though. We haven't even, properly made out?"

"I..don't know."

"Did you cheat on me?"

"What? No!"

"Then how the hell are you pregnant?"

"I—.. Okay.. fine, it's a prank. I'm not pregnant."

"You suck at pranks."

"Would you have actually been that mad if I was though?"

"If you cheated on me, yeah.."

"What if I didn't and it was.. ours."

"Then I'd go crazy and sweep you off your feet, and most likely make another with you."

"Aww— wait, what?"

"Do you want Mexican or Chinese food tonight, babe?"

"Kale, did you just say you want to make a baby with me?!"

"Mexican it is."

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