Part 15

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Unknown: Good morning.
Alice: I think you've got the wrong number. Sorry.
Unknown: No I have the right one.
Alice: Oh. Who are you?
Unknown: That's for me to know and you to never find out.
Alice: Haha. Conor is that you?
Unknown: No it's not, Alice.
Alice: Who are you then? And how do you know my name?
Unknown: I know everything about you. Your school, your date and time of birth, your parents, even your crush and your eye colour.
Alice: Go on then.
Unknown: Your name is Alice Watts, and you were born on the 16th July at 2:34am. Your parents are Sarah and Cole Watts. Your crush is Charlie Pole and you have brown eyes, the same colour as your hair. You love Maths, and actually despise French lessons. You play Piano and Violin, and a little bit of drums. Your best and closest friends are Bethany Dorset and Pansy Fisher. You secretly love the Harry Potter franchise and your favourite singer is Ariana Grande.
Alice: How do you know all that..?
Unknown: Like I said, I know everything about you.
Alice: Even where I live?
Unknown: Yep. I might even be stood outside your house right now.
Unknown: I also know that you checked.
Alice: There's no one out there except a blonde woman with a baby.
Unknown: I know.
Alice: No you don't.
Unknown: I also know your bra size.
Unknown: Now that's not very nice.
Alice: If you don't tell me who you are, I'm going to the police.
Unknown: What are they going to do?
Alice: Arrest you.
Unknown: Hah. They don't know who I am. Neither do you.
Alice: You've stalked my friend Lucy before... haven't you?
Unknown: Lucy Deighton? That African-American girl with very long hair and gorgeous brown eyes?
Alice: She's warned me about you... LEAVE ME ALONE!
Unknown: You're shaking.
Alice: How do you know?
Unknown: You're listening to Cold Water by Justin Bieber aren't you? (AN: I actually am 😂)
Alice: WHAT?!
Unknown: I
Unknown: Know
Unknown: Everything

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