He's A Werewolf...

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I was sitting at the kitchen table with Kaden right next to me and my parents, brother, and Reagan sitting across from us.

Everyone around the table was tense and from the looks on my family's face, they were expecting a heavy bomb to be dropped anytime soon.

"And they're right to expect that" I thought internally "Once they hear what we're about to say, they'll never be the same again"

Kaden grasped my hand under the table and gave me a encouraging smile

"Mom, Dad. I have something to tell you guys"

"If you got my baby sister Pregnant, I'll kill you" Jonathan threaten and glared at the both of us "I mean it. I will end you"

I rolled my eyes "Shut up Jonathan"

He grumbled and Mom stepped in "Sweetie, why did you want to talk to us today?"

I took a deep breath "Since Kaden and I started dating, we've been wanting to talk to you about something"

"Oh God" My father put his hands over his ears "I don't want to talk about this"

He looked at my mother "I thought you talked about this with her already? You know...when she..." he paled "became an... official woman"

Mom looked worried "Sky Honey, What are you asking? Are you...?" she trailed off

I blushed a deep red "No Mom, I'm not having Kaden's baby" I said sarcastically

My parents and Jon released a sigh of relief and Reagan looked at us in amusement

"If it isn't that, then what was so important that you had us all gather here?"

Kaden nudged my shoulder and began talking "Sky and I decided that it was finally time you knew my true self"

All four of them looked at us in confusion

"What true self" Jonathan asked "Unless you're a woman, I'm pretty sure we know who you are bozo"

"Jonathan" Mom warned "Don't be rude"

Kaden rolled his eyes "I know you guys wondered why my family lives in the woods or why so many people respect my father"

Jon snorted "I don't care that much about you to be wondering where you live"

Kaden smirked "Apparently you care enough if you're always asking where I am"

"I do not" Jon exclaimed "The only reason I ask at all is because it is unusual to see one of you without the other"

Kaden lost his smirk "And do you ever wonder why, sometimes, I am not around Sky?"

This time Jon, paused, considering Kaden's words "Sometimes" he admitted "Like I said, it's weird not seeing both of you together"

Kaden looked at me and I gave him a nod.

He stood and then started undressing

Chaos Erupted

"Woah! Wait a minute" My brother exclaimed "I don't want to see your junk. I prefer not to be blinded for the rest of my life"

Kaden smirked and was about to say a snide remark when I coughed loudly and motioned for him to continue.

He did and my parents paled

"Kaden Sweetheart," Mom said gently "I don't think this is appropriate..."


"Take it Off!" Reagan chanted like she was at a Magic Mike show

John and I shot her a dirty look and she cackled and put her hands up in defense "Just kidding! He's too young for me"

In less than a second, a loud bark brought us back to the what really important at the moment

Kaden's huge wolf form was sitting in the kitchen and wagging his tail. As soon as I saw him, a smile lit up my face and I got up to pet him.

He purred when my hands rubbed the spot behind his ear.

I heard a thump and turned in time to see my mother pass out on the floor.

My dad sat in his seat, in shock, just staring at Kaden.

Reagan had her mouth open in shock and Jonathan was speechless.

"Oh God" he said after his moment of speechlessness was over "Instead of playing hide-and-seek with my nephews or nieces one day, I'll be playing fetch"

I shot him a glare and Kaden growled

What an idiot 

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