11; Always up and down, never down and out (ii)

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The vibrations of the bass guitar could've knocked Gabe down. The scene is loud, it's always loud. He's looking at the bar stools seeing his boyfriend there, smiling at him making him melt. Gabe wants a drink, but he's driving, and William's has probably already drunk for the both of them.

"I love the way you're reaching for that gun" Gabe screams into the microphone, his bass almost pushes it having it fall into the crowd. He found it weird that people followed his band, and that yeah, he was Gabe Saporta, Part TimePart-Time DeliPart-time bass player and Singer for Midtown, and Full Time boyfriend of William Beckett.

His bandmates and himself give him a sense of belonging and wanting to be there, something he'd never gotten when he was alone. "Leave it alone", He says into the microphone, his voice cracking as the final words of the show come out.

William is talking to the bar tender about how he's going to a party after this. William decided last minute to change into a T-shirt and skinny jeans, almost making him late. William found it weird how Gabe got to play in a twenty-one and over club, but he couldn't bother to ask.

"William, hey." Gabe says sitting next to him on the other barstool. Gabe smiles at the bar tender, "Just water, thanks." Gabe says. William smiles at him, "You looked so hot up there," He says to Gabe forgetting the presence of the bar tender. Gabe laughs and holds William's hand.

"When should we leave?" William asks, Gabe smirks at the younger boy "Sick of me already?" he teases to William, William gives off a warm smile, "Just t-tired." William stutters.

"More like tipsy." Gabe says to him, the bartender puts down the glass of water in front of Gabe, Gabe thanks him with a three dollar tip.

"I haven't had a lot to drink." William says crossing his arms, looking at his drink. Gabe shakes his head. The two talk to Gabe's bandmates, talking about the show, and stuff in general. Gabe and William eventually got to Tom's house.

"William," Gabe says, hands on the steering wheel, William looks at him. "It's not too late to go to my house, we could watch a movie, try some things if you know what I mean."

William rolls his eyes at Gabe's words, "We're here, let's get drunk and  make fun of Ryan." William says to Gabe, Gabe chuckles and gets out of the car, William trails behind him.

The inside of the house was loud, sweaty and dark. William never noticed how much the kids in his chemistry class liked to drink. William, already a little tipsy went to go get another drink. Gabe went to go find Pete or Joe.

"I could be in New York!" Ryan rambles to William, the two are sitting on the driveway just talking. Some other people are near them, like Ashlee and Hayley. "I could be a fucking lawyer! I'm gonna be a fucking lawyer!" Ryan says to William, then taking another sip of his drink.

"I thought you wanted to be a writer?" William says seriously even though his mind is far from being there. Ryan shakes his head making his curls go around his face.

"Bill, no." He says, Ryan puts his head onto William's shoulder, "I'm gonna be like, successful." Ryan says. William nods his head, not really knowing what his friend is talking about.

"William!! Ryan!" Tom yells running to them. William's eyes go wide.

"What's-What's wrong, Tommy?" William says standing eye to eye with Tom. Tom laughs at William, 'How much have you had to drink?"Tom asks him.

"He hasn't had enough." Ryan yells, "Telling me I can't be a lawyer!" Ryan yells again. William lets out a groan, "RYAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT!" He yells back. William frowns and follows Tom to the house leaving Ryan alone with Ashlee and Hayley.

The house is still loud, the kitchen is filled with smoke and kids talking about how their teachers are bitches. William's hipbones can be seen, he doesn't care that his shirt rides up as he moves, he just saw his boyfriend shout at teenage girls about his own ex-boyfriends and how in love he was, both of them could honestly care less about how William's appearance looks like.

"What are you doing Beckett?" Tom asks him, William shakes his head and gets a red cup from the table. "Do you even know what's in that?" Tom asks, William shakes his head.

"What are you gonna do? Huh?" William says completely out of his state of thinking. Tom smiles at William.

"I could dance with you." Tom says to William, William scoffs, "Excuse me?" He chuckles to Tom, He moves in closer to William, "I mean Baby-"

"Don't call me that." William hisses through his teeth still being intoxicated, but also, he knows what's wrong and right.

"-Gabe isn't going to care." Tom says, taking William's hands. Willaim, as if he's an actor on cue, let's goes of Tom's hands.

"I don't care if Gabe cares, I care because you're weird as fuck!" William yells, it gets everyone stopping and wondering where the fuck is that yelling is coming from. It has people running in to see what's happening.

"T-Tom, stop," William says, a little stutter in his speech, speaking low. Tom shakes his head to William, people have gone back to dancing at this point, "I've seen what you used to do," Tom says quietly to William, "How you were in Chicago, little poor boy." Tom says, William's adrenaline is running through his veins.

"Fuck you!" William shouts, "You try to fucking dance with me, and then you bring up my past!" William pushes Tom, making him stumble.

"Come the fuck here, Beckett!" Tom says pushing William down to the floor.

"Hey!" Gabe says pushing through the crowd of teenagers. "Don't fucking touch him!" Gabe screams to Tom, picking William up off of the floor. William has a look, a look of pure anger.

"What if I do touch him?" Tom asks, grabbing William. Gabe has wide eyes and an open mouth as he sees Tom grab William in such a tasteless, nasty way. "What are you gonna do about it, huh? Fucking bassist!?" Tom says, Gabe makes a fist.

"Don't you-" Tom starts to say, but it's too late. Gabe's punch isn't foreign to Tom's face, the much older boy stumbles and falls on the floor. William looks at Gabe with pure and utter shock. Everyone in the kitchen is looking.

"He's BLEEDING!" Some kid from Gabe's geology class exclaims, Gabe has a smug look, but he's scared as fuck.

"He's okay," Gabe says crossing his arms, he hands the kid a napkin. "We're just gonna leave." William says, pointing towards the door, Gabe nods his head agreeing with William's words.


"Why?" William says quietly to Gabe. William and Gabe are laying on William's bed, Mrs.Siska doesn't really care that much.

"Why what?" Gabe says to him, the two are laying on their backs, Willaim's head resting on Gabe's chest. William rolls over to face Gabe.

"You just started to punch him." William bites his lip, "You didn't even know anything." William says.

Gabe shakes his head, "He was hurting you." Gabe says, "I'm your boyfriend, nobody gets too hurt you, especially when you aren't sober." Gabe pushes William's hair behind his ear.

"He called me poor," William confesses, "I was going to punch him, before you came."

"Bill, that'd be rad." Gabe says.

"You still shouldn't have punched him, that's such a low level." William says, Gabe nods "Yeah," He says looking at his actions in retrospect. William gets a blanket from the closet and puts it over the both of them,

"I'm so fucking tired." William says, Gabe wraps his arms around William as they lay next to each other.

"You're going to be so fucking hungover," Gabe says to William softly, William laughs and kisses Gabe's lips.

"I'll wake you up to hold my hair back," William says smiling at Gabe.

"Sounds like a plan," Gabe says, taking his shirt off, figuring out that yeah, Tom's nosebleed made its way onto his shirt.

"Oh," William comments to Gabe, Gabe rolls his eyes and lays back in the bed.

"Is it a problem, angel?" He asks William shakes his head, "Not at all."

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