Calm The Fire: 22

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Cushioned amongst the blankets and plush pillows, Náriel honestly didn't want to wake up. This time she had been content in sleep. Previously she was restless, uncomfortable from her leaning position. But now, now she was comfortable, at peace, and blissfully unaware. Although there was background noise of furniture. The sort of noise a drawer makes when it's pulled open and then shut again.

Slowly opening her eyes, she looked towards the chair, it was empty now of course, behind it the fire had now died down completely. Though the embers which remained still smouldered and smoked gently. A faint smoke wafted upwards into the chimney.

Rubbing her eyes, Náriel rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. A bright light was shining brightly against it. Now that she could see most of the room she could see that a warm yellow orange glow was eclipsing everything. Sitting up slowly, she rubbed her eyes again, picking up her hair she pushed it over her shoulder while bringing her knees to her chest. Letting out a quiet sigh she turned to see what the cause of the background noise was, as if she didn't already know.

Náriel's eyes widened and she let out a startled noise while falling backwards and pulling the blankets to her face. She was hidden, she could not be currently seen. Squeezing her eyes shut she ignored the laughter from the other side of the room.

“Embarrassed, Princess?”

“Be quiet!” Náriel exclaimed from her hiding place. In truth she was embarrassed, very embarrassed, but she wouldn't openly admit that. Though when she pondered over it, she didn't need to openly admit to it, her simply exclaimed words were enough to set Thorin off laughing again.

She sat up sharply and removed the covers from her face. She looked towards Thorin, who by now was standing at the end of the bed cross armed over his tunic, yet smirking rather smugly down at her.

“Listen here, Prince!” She started to say while kneeling on the bed and frowning lightly, she pointed a finger at him. Thorin uncrossed his arms and placed his hands against the footboard, he nodded at her to continue, though his smirk didn't disappear. “The last thing I’d ever expect to see when I woke up was,” she said slowly while calming her tone. Coughing lightly she put her hands against her stomach and shut her eyes. Sighing she looked to him again and frowned. “Was you walking around...”

“Topless.” He said simply which caused her to double take. “Which just so happens brings us back to my original question, embarrassed, Princess?” He said simply and rather easily. Náriel's expression went slack, she double took again and even pouted lightly. She was opting to ignore the possibility of the obvious red colouring which was no doubt on her cheeks. Thorin just stood there the image of triumphant smug Dwarf if ever there was one before.

“Need I remind you,” he said while tapping his head thoughtfully, he walked around the bed and ended up stopping by her side. Náriel looked at him from the corner of her eyes, she hadn't moved but remained kneeling facing the door. “This is my room, and I have been unwell. It isn't wise to stay in the clothes I was unwell in, is it?”


“No indeed.” Thorin nodded, he was enjoying teasing her perhaps a little too much. By now Náriel's eyes had narrowed even more than what they had done originally. Putting a hand on her shoulder, he leant down and smiled. “You never answered my previous question.”

“Never answered-!” Náriel exclaimed and playfully hit his hand away. Turning to him she wagged a finger. “I shall not answer your earlier question!”

Thorin sighed and nodded slowly, putting a hand to his chin he nodded again thoughtfully. “Are you avoiding answering because...” Trailing off he looked to her defiant expression. “You liked what you saw?”

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