The new boy chapter 13

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Luke's pov

Monday morning my favorite day of the week. I have to go to school today because my dad said. "If I'm so sick that I have to take  another day off I have to go to the doctor." and that is not happening so I just have to deal with it.
I walk in to homeroom the only class I don't have with Oliver and his idiotic friends. I keep my head down so nobody can notice that I have a nice new black eye from last night. And my make up for some reason is not covering it up.
I take my seat in the back of the classroom. I was sketching in my note book when the bell rings. I wasn't listening to the announcement suddenly the classroom door busts open.
I quickly look up and see a guy with tattoos. I over hear the teacher talking to him" oh hello you must be" She looks down at a piece of paper. "Jackson The new student" miss. Peyton says " yes  ma'am that's me." " Will I'm miss.Payton I'm your homeroom teacher. You can go find a sit the bell will ring in five minutes."
He nods his head I stop looking at him and go back to my  drawing. I figured he will just sit with the 'cool' kids. after a Second or two I hear someone sit next to me I look up I meet his eyes.
" hey I'm Jackson" he says in a deep sexy voice. "H-hi I'm Luke" I say he smiles at me " I like it." He says what is he talking about." W-what?" I say why in hell is he talking to me." Your name duh I like it I think we're going to be friends what's your next class?"
his he joking with me or something why  would he want to be friends with me.
"Well I asked you a question mr.nerd" I look up at him with a questioning look. " It's a nickname suits you" He smiles at me he's looking at me like he's waiting for a answer oh yeah. "Oh ummm I have English" I say in low voice why did he give me a nickname. I don't even know him oh my god if Oliver hears him call me that that's a scary thought.

He pulls a paper out of his pocket he unfolds it he reads it and his eyes light up oh god no. " yay we have the same class together Mr.Nerd." Will I'm dead when Oliver sees me talking to Jackson. he's going to kill me yep I had a ok life.
I didn't even hear the bell ring somebody is moves their hand in front of my face." Skews me Mr. nerd I think we have to get to class now. And I don't really know where to go so I need to show me the way." He said with a smile "yeah" I say getting up from my seat.
I put my note book back in to my backpack I look back up at him he's staring at my black eye.
"Mr.nerd do you get bullied?" He asked I look down at my hards what should I say. "We need to get to class " I say as walking to the door before I get there. He grabs my arm I flinch in pain I look back at him.
" you don't need to tell me right now but at some point you going to have to and I will Partech to you mr.nerd." we sit there looking in to each others eyes. Before I could say something he walks out of the classroom " you coming Mr.nerd" He shouts.

We walk in to our English class everyone when I say everyone I mean everyone. Was looking at us Jackson want to talk to the teacher. I walk with my head down to my seat in the front of the class I know that Jackson it going to sit right next to me
I glanced back at Oliver I know that I'm in some deep shit he gives me the look.

 I walk with my head down to my seat in the front of the class I know that Jackson it going to sit right next to meI glanced back  at Oliver I know that I'm in some deep shit he gives me the look

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The look means he so mad that he doesn't care if others see him looking at me. I don't know what to do " hey Mr.nerd you ok?" Jackson asks as sitting down next to me only if you know...............

Oliver's pov

What the fuck who is that dude and did he just call MY BOYFRIEND Mr.nerd. He's acting like there friends or something that's funny. I don't  allowed him to have friends because they might take him from me.
I didn't listen to the teacher I just keep looking at Luke.
I see that kid keeps looking at Luke and talking to him this guy is really pissing me off. I see him lean in and whisper something in lucks ear.
The next thing I know Luke my Luke is blushing because another man is talking to him that's it I take out my phone and text Luke.


I push send a couple of seconds later I see him take is phone out. He reads the message he turns White I see him tipping.

My love: I'm sorry please he's nothing to me I love you I will never cheat on you.

I know he loves me but I can play on this.

Oliver: come to my house after school I don't have football practice today and you better show me how sorry you really be continue

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