Chapter 27

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My paws pounded into the earth as I sprinted into the forest. I panted hard as my heart pounded in my chest. I was only a few moments away from the border where I prayed Azreal would be. Behind me I heard paws slapping on the ground. I knew I was being chased and that only made me run harder.

I closed in on the border. It was only a few steps away when I heard a deep growl behind me. Not looking back I launched myself through the air and across the border.

I landed hard and tumbled. My paws ached with pain from running. As I slowly got up there was a thump behind me and a low growl. I quickly whirled around and saw a dark brown wolf standing a few feet from me. He growled again and snapped his teeth and that's when I realized who he was. It was Jason.

I growled in return and lowered myself into a defensive position. I snapped my teeth at him and arched my back. He moved to lunge at me but before he could a dark wolf flew over me and pounced onto him. The black wolf dug his claws into Jacobs side. I watched as Jason snarled and snapped at the wolf. The dark wolf looked back at me for a moment and I instantly recognized him. It was Azreal. My heart jumped at the sight of him and I had to hold myself back from running to him.

I watched as Jason snapped his jaws at Azreal throat. Lunging he pushed Jason away and scratched his claws down his side. Jason let out a whine of pain. Azreal took the opportunity to lunge again he bit into Jason's shoulder. But Jason had easy access to Azreals large chest and raked his claws deeply down into his chest and but into his shoulder.

At that I couldn't sit any longer. I charged at Jason and ran into him hard. It knocked him off Azreal but one look showed he wasn't in good shape. His wounds were bleeding profusely. I wanted to go to my mate but it was time to take out the trash.

I lunged again at him and dug my claws into his face. I scratched down the sides and over his ear. He snarled at me and and threw me off him. I hit the ground hard and let out a gasp of pain. Jason ran towards me and lunged for me but right before he hit me Azreal barreled into him. He knocked him down. But before Azreal could lunge for him again another wolf of a deep auburn color ran at Jason. I only saw a blur of the wolf bug I knew it was Malik.

He threw himself between Azreal and Jacob. Azreal quickly backed off and looked at me. I ran over to him ignoring the pain. I looked into his dark eyes and saw the blood dripping from his fur. I leaned into his side to give him some support and licked the side of his face.

He learned into me and rested his head on mine. Loving the feel of his warmth next to me I leaned in closer to him. I could feel the blood pooling from his wounds. I needed to get him to safety. I took a step forward hoping he would follow my lead. He did and we quickly took off. I followed him staying close to his side as he lead us back to our pack.


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