The Beginning Of It All. Part 2

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17th September 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

Danny Cowen and I started being an item just after my twelth birthday. Everyone thought we were cute with how we looked together. Not one person and I mean adult, stepped in to stop us saying that we were too young with regards to anything. It was all confusing with how we were being treated and accepted along with the hormones going crazy within both Danny and myself.

At that time, he was a couple of inches shorter than me. But I didn't care. I knew he would sprout up like the other males in his family and fill out just like the others. They were all tall in his family. Six feet tall or more was their average and well toned, muscle wise. Simialr to mine except the women in their family were as tall as the men.

But the women in my family were short with the tallest averaging five feet six inches. We all looked short against the other taller women when we all shared events with them.

Anyway, it was about two months after my twelth birthday when Danny and I experimented with ourselves after seeing a book laying around of his mothers. It was a romance book, Danny called it. He said that his mother read them all the time.

It had a bookmark in one spot and when his mum wasn't around, we took a look at the page she was up to with reading it and I have to admit that my eyes bugged out with the sex scene that was written on the page. Even Danny was looking bug eyed at the book in my hands. It made me hot and Danny hard. So, of course, when we were alone the next time at his place, we did the deed.

The deed included him squealing like a pig with 'sparrows flying out of his arse,' he said afterwards. That was moments before with him holding a hand to his face after I punched him in the face because he hurt me for a brief moment when we started. I didn't know how I felt about the whole experience, but it was bound to get better we supposed since so many people enjoyed it.

At least I didn't. It was just... blah! No great explosions for me like it had described in that book of Danny's mother. At least, not for me. Danny got to have them everytime though, lucky him. The arse.

So, it wasn't no suprise that we found ourselves shaking in fear after I kept getting sick for a few weeks and my mother noticed. But did they think that I was preggers then? No! I just had a nasty bug which necessitated me going to the doctors for some tests. That's how we all found out.

Poor Danny thought his whole world had ended when my parents came visiting his parents and dragging me along. Anyone would have thought the whole world had ended with the way the two sets of parents were acting with me and Danny sitting on the lounge while both sets of parents were tossing the blame game around at each other.

I looked at Danny to see him both with a little fear on his face and with annoyance as well.

" Wanna get out of here and go up to my room?" He whispered out the side of his mouth as he leant against me a little. I just nodded as I kept my eyes on our parents fascinated with how they were all acting.

I couldn't understand why they were going off on each other. I thought this was what they all wanted with how they kept pushing me and Danny together like they had.

I felt him grab my hand and tug it bringing my attention back to him and after giving our parents one last look, I stood up and with the two of us holding hands, we walked out of the room with no-one noticing us as we made our way up the stairs and down the hall to the end where his room was.

I was sitting comfortably on the large beanbag on the floor at the side of his bed with Danny lounging on his bed  with his arms croosed behind his head while watching a movie as we quietly talked about what it means to be parents now when his mother and mine came barrelling through the door startling us a little since we never expected it.

" Come on, Fai. We're going home. Now!" She snapped at me as she waited for me to get to my feet.

" Do we have to? Danny and I were watching a movie." I said to her in a plaintiful tone of voice.

" No. We are going home, now." She snapped again as Danny's mother stood there a few feet from the door with her arms crossed under her large and ample bosom. I think that is what the book she had been reading said of them. I smiled when I remembered that.

I looked at Danny and after a quick wave without having time to say anything more to him, my mother grabbed me by the arm and started to drag me out of his room. She continued to drag me the whole way home muttering about stupid girls who should know better.

"What did you expect, mother? You practically forced us into doing it. I'm twelve for fucks sake." I shut up quick smart when I felt the side of my face sting after having my mother slap me after daddy shut the door behind us.

" I didn't tell you to go out and whore yourself." She growled at me with a really angry look on her face.

" With how you made me dress up, mother... Yes you did! So you can not complain when things happen out of your control." I said back to her with tear filled eyes.

Mother didn't say anything more after that for a moment or two and daddy didn't say anything at all since coming back with us. He just stood there with his hands at his side and watched us without saying nothing to either of us.

I turned and walked up the stairs to my room with my hand to my still singing face. It wasn't the first time my mother had slapped me and I am pretty sure that it won't be the last time either.

But that's how Danny and I came to be having a baby in our early teens and didn't the 'Issy's at school have a field day when they found out about it.

But they should have kept their opinions to themselves. Pregnant females can be very hormonal and lash out unexpectedly at anyone or anything. Sadly for them, I lashed out at them when they became too obnoxious about something that had nothing whatsoever to do with them.

Bloody bitches. And they were by the time I was finished with the three of them.

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