bonus convo: 3 : 1 9 PM

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"Did you ever go to prom?"

"What? Riley, please have reasoning for your questions. I'm busy.."

"Oh, shut up. You love my attention and random questions. And you're literally watching Disney."

"Don't disgrace Disney! It deserves 90% of my attention."


"And you too, on some occasions."

"Gee, thanks."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Did you ever go to prom?"

"Uh, yeah, I did."

"Seriously? With who?"

"Some random girl who liked me."


"Chill, Riles. I did it out of pity."

"Ooooo, ouchies for her."


"Well, I wouldn't lead her on like that."

"...I wasnt—"

"Mhm. Sure."

"I wasn't!"

"So you did like her back? What's her name, address, and social security number?"


"Can't talk, I'm busy planning what's going on my criminal record."

"You have a criminal record?!"


"Thank God.."

"Not yet, I don't."


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