8:\\ Dating Games

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I studied my phone, frustrated that Amy hadn't texted me. I had definitely thought our kiss had sealed the deal and she would officially agree to date me. Turns out she hadn't replied and I wondered if she went to the party that Jessica was at.

It was getting dark and staring at my phone was doing no good. I decided it wasn't worth the hassal. If she didn't like me then that was that, I can't change her feelings no matter how hard I tried.

I sat up in bed wondering what I had done wrong. It wasn't like she had any objection to kissing me, she even nodded when I asked for consent. I threw my mind into a million possibilities and couldn't figure out why she hadn't texted me an answer. Was she waiting to see me in person? Did she change her mind and decide I wasn't worthy of her attention.

I felt like a harsh critic as I began to think of Aaron Paul and the grasp he must've still had on her. Perhaps Aaron had made a booty call and she was all his again. I groaned, tossing my phone aside for a few minutes then turning the light on in my room to retrieve it.

I was growing weary and I felt like an insomniac as I took the phone and stared at it until a knock came at my door. I shut the light off in my room then automatically felt stupid. Whoever was outside must've seen that. I groaned silently waiting for whoever was knocking at my door at two in the morning to leave.

Knock. Knock.

It came again and I stifled a groan. My parents were fast asleep and snoring as I stood up. In the back of my mind, the thought did occur that it was Amy, but as soon as I unlocked the door, I knew that was too good to be true.

"Sorry to rain on your parade, I'm not Amy- but I do need a ride home." It was the asshole that I wouldn't have ever dreamed of seeing. Technically if he was anywhere, that would make it a nightmare.

Aaron Paul stood in front of my door with his arms crossed. He reeked of alcohol but seemed completely sober. How did he end up here?

"I walked, I got lost, I still need a ride home." It was like he knew what I was thinking before I said it. Creepy.

"Not really." He said.

"What?" I asked, completely shocked.

"I need a ride home or I'm crashing here tonight." He said, pushing past me. Before I could say another word, he was knocked out on my couch. I considered stuffing him into the trunk of my car and driving him home. Or perhaps off a tall cliff. But I didn't know where he lived and there was no cliff within a hundred mile radius.

I glared at him as his breathing grew uniform. There was no way I was getting rid of him at this late hour. Perhaps putting him in Jessica's room may freak him out a bit. I dragged him up the stairs, making sure not to wake him up and left him on the floor beside my sister's bed.

That ought to teach him.


"Tyler!" An angry scream shook the entire house and I knew that Jessica was awake. Clearly she had walked in on him last night but may have been too tired- or too drunk- to notice. But now, in her more than sober state, her anger was an earthquake. And I wanted to be nowhere near it. Within minutes of her scream, the door bell rang.

For a minute, I wondered why my parents hadn't woken up yet. They couldn't possibly sleep through the tornado that was about to strike our home. I remained in my bed, pretending to be sound asleep as Jessica made her way to my room and pushed the door open with such force that a gust of wind made my blanket fly up a little.

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