Attack of The Cupcakes!

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Little did she know what awaited her,​ Mickey returned from a long, exhausting day at school. She was dreaming of a long shower, a big glass of ice tea and a quiet time in her cozy room.

'But I still have to study my lines, finish my maths paper, do my AP work, study for tomorrow's test and Ugh! I'm so tired!'

Mickey thought in frustration as she walked up to her room.


The sound of the doorbell stopped her in the middle of the stairs. With a sigh, she turned around and descended in haste to open the door.

She looked through the peephole but saw no one.

Mickey was a bit wary when she opened the door slowly and peeked through the opening. Something seemed suspicious. She looked around, but only the chirping of the birds and the hot breeze greeted her.

As she decided to shut the door, her eyes caught a glimpse of something at the doorstep. A small colorful box.

She bent down and picked it up, looking around to see if someone was watching. No one was in sight.

She sighed, took the box inside, and closed the door.

The box was shiny yellow with white polka dots, the size of a small tissue box. She shook it lightly next to her ear. It was light weight, but contained something that rocked faintly inside.

Mickey hesitated. She wanted to open it, but she wasn't sure if it was for her. She was curious and her heart started to pump faster.    She chewed her lips and stared at the box in her hand.

"Well! It's not gonna be a bomb or anything," she assured herself, although the idea freaked her out a little.

"What the heck." Mickey huffed and made her decision. She decided to open the box no matter what happened.

She reached her thumb and index finger to untie the ribbon.

Sooooo, Mickey! You probably figured out what this is about

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Sooooo, Mickey! You probably figured out what this is about. Relax and try to enjoy. I will understand if you didn't want to talk to me though. 😟

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