chapter 5:nightmare

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Mama....justin said
you will be ill if you keep staying awake all will cause problems. And also it makes big black circle under your eyes and you look completely like a panda.
My mom said while smiling and giggling you say that you know I love my books these are my bestfriend my girlfriend my life I said while pouting
Aw.... I dont know my bunny love studying  this much she reasoned
Mom tommorow is my final paper please don't tease me I said irritatedly hurt here she exclaimed while keep his hand on chest said while crying
Dear I know you topped school every year and I know this time you again so please sleep after all my 15 year boy is very intelligent from other teenagers.
She hug me and kiss my forehead before leaving my room.
I kept my bag pack and slept,I awake of the voice of someone yelling and crying i went downstairs lead to hall.
Where I saw a body lying on floor and blood everywhere.
I shriek from top of my lungs and I awake from the sudden nightmare.
It's mid of the night and no light in my room except of the moonlight illuminated my room.
I hate light too much I can't bear light.
The nightmares keep hunting me until my death.
After 9 years later......

I completed my ship and went for pizza delivery after doing my task I run to back home.
I am back home I shout before going to my and my mother room we both slept in same room.
where she watching TV.
I just pulled out my books from my bag and started studying. Tommorow is my math and chemistry test and these two are my favourite one and also it is favourite becuase of the teacher are my favourite.
I completely in my thoughts when my mother snap me out from it.
Jackie please first eat then she shove spoon in front of my mouth and start feeding me while I am studying.
I am just doing my work when she let me sit against the chair and then she start massaging my hair.
After that I put much bagpack in cuboid and drift to sleep beside her.
Next day when I reach home I see some man in black suit standing in the leading room and i don't know what they are talking about maybe they came to take rent of house but i know we give it already these man's always came every month.
When I enter I just bow and went near my mom when she said jack you should go to your room as usual when they came my mother send me out wher I can't hear their conversation however I not like interested listening what they talk about.
But i just nod and went to my room.
It's just a short chapter sorry...
My finals near so maybe I not able to update it.

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