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Chapter Three:

“Ruby!” I sighed as Tiffany was talking very loud and fast on the other end. Tiffany has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. She’s the louder one in the friendship, there’s picture of us in preschool, me in the background and her jumping up in the front.  I love her to death, just sometimes she gets a little too excited about things. “How are you today? Did you do anything fun? Did you study all day? You know, you need to get out more. Did you meet anyone new? Ever since, well you know, the incident I’ve been so worried about you being alone. I’ve told you endless times that I’d move down there with you,” she finished her rant as I rolled my eyes. Her lack of confidence in me was horribly offensive. I looked over my shoulder and found Chris looking at his phone; I turned back towards the window. My apartment was high up, I could see everything.  “Tiff, I’m fine, trust me. I can fend for myself,” my hand reached up to my shoulder and I felt ashamed, she doesn’t know, no one does. “Anyways,” I continued, “You have Eric you need to stick around for.” “Oh no, I broke up with him. He played too much baseball. He never had time for me, it was annoying,” she finished, waiting for me to say something. “It’s college baseball, Tiff, he can’t help it!” It was so much like her to break up with a guy because of a sport. “Whatever, I didn’t like him that much anyways,” I could just picture her sitting there looking at her nails. This is the fourth guy she’s broke up with this semester, our first semester of college. I live in New York and she lives in Ohio. It’s hard but we see each other over breaks and what not. “Tiff, I’m safe and I love you. I’ll call you soon,” I was about to hang up when she gasped. “Why are you in such a rush?! Do you have a boy there or something?? Ah! I knew it!” I looked back to see Chris grinning at me like he could hear what she was saying. “No, goodbye.” I hung up on her as she laughed. I rolled my eyes and tossed my phone on my desk chair. “I should let you go,” he said standing up, “you have exams to study for and stuff. Will we talk again?” he asked holding out his number. I nodded and smiled as he walked out the door. I sighed, locking the door and walking into my bedroom.  I threw myself on my bed and sobbed because this was my nightly routine. It was so exhausting trying to keep a smile all day long when all you want to do it cry. I dragged myself into the shower. I stood there like the water was washing away all the pain and hurt, when in reality it was just burning my scar.  Too tired to eat dinner, I got back into bed, ready to be done with yet another day. As I was laying there I couldn’t help but wonder why Chris talked to me, then the tears came back. Night time is bad, the nightmares are unavoidable. They’re just there, reminding me of the unforgettable things that have happened.

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