"I'm Back."

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I was walking home from a party with my sister Ashlin and her boyfriend Ryan. We were laughing about a guy who fell down the stairs at the party. Everyone got a video or picture and put it on Facebook. When I took out my phone I had about 20 notifications about it. Haha. All of a sudden I hear Ashlin and Ryan screaming from behind me. Have they stopped and I haven't noticed? I turned around and they were staring at me, look scared motioning me to come back. "What? You thought I was gonna-" then something hit me. I was sent flying in the air. A car. I layed there, motionless. I heard Ashlin and Ryan running over, screaming. I saw their faces. Ashlin in tears and Ryan dialing a number on his phone.

That was the last thing I saw before I died that night.

Medical Record of Nicole Pepper:

Full Name: Nicole Lynn Pepper

Age: 14

Birth Date: May 16th, 1998

Appearance (described by sibling, Ashlin):

Long brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, short, last wearing black dress and heels. Wearing gray eye shadow.

Date of Death: May 20, 2012

Cause of Death: Hit by oncoming car.

Time of Death: 8:30pm.

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