Chapter 1️⃣0️⃣

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(The jewellery shop is the picture above)

"I missed you so much! Why are you here tho?! Thought you were in London?" Livia questions.

"Well, that's where I thought I would stay, but decided against that and came here instead." I said while shrugging.

"Wait were you here since the start of this year?" Livia asks

"No, why do you ask?" I inquired.

Yes i was here since the start of this year. I'm the one who canvas face bullies and your the one who throws shit insults at me.

"Well for a fact I know that the only high school around here is Licious gangster high and I never seen you and as you said it's compulsory for all of us to go to school and that all of us includes you so are you breaking a rule." She explains.

"Licious gangster? Weird name for a high school and I'm going to a The school in the neighbouring town that -" Before I could complete my lie a loud fake cough interrupted.

"Oops, sorry Woman, I forgot about you" I said to Elijah over my shoulder.


Chapter 10: Failed interrogation

"How many times did I tell you to, STOP CALLING ME WOMAN!" Woman sneered, while glaring at me.

"Zero, you told me that ze-ro times. But you did scream the exact sentence just a few seconds ago. But never told the same sentence." I say with a shrug.

"Uh! Just stop. ok, my name is not woman, Its Elijah! E.L.I.J.A.H so call me by my name" Woman said calmly.

"Ok point taken. Elijah........woman." I dead-pan

"Good." Elijah says looking satisfied, before scrowling. "Wait, uh! I-"I cut him off by kicking him in the gem.

"Elijah woman, stop talking I don't have time, to listen to you criticising your husband." I roll my eyes. "I want to know why you broke into my house." I give him an icy glare, while gently pressing my knife to his neck, but not enough to cut him.

Elijah sighed before glaring at me "It was because of reasons.. why are-?" Elijah was cut of by my phone blaring 'party' by Chris Brown. I fished my phone out of my pocket before answering.

Elijah's P.O.V

Alyssa took out her phone from the back pocket of her black ripped skinny jeans.

"Yellow!" She screams into the phone. "Yellow, hello, get the flow. Wha- I can't go right no- fine, I'll be there in asap." She ended the phone call before briefly looking at maya and sighing.

Im so confused. Angel had called the schools second most famous girl maya, by the name livia? I think she called a frog as a snake and a snake as a frog. Ok that made legit no sense.

"Angel how do you know the schools second most famous slut?" I said

Alyssa's head snapped towards me and maya looked towards the wooden floor.
"STOP TALKING LIKE WE ARE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS. SHUT UP! AND ANSWER MY QUESTION! WAIT! UH, I NEED TO LEAVE." She shouts before storming out of the entrance to the cafe.

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