Chapter Five~An Old Letter.

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The next day Marcus came round mine to help me unpack the rest of my things from Australia and to properly catch up as Marcus was my second best friend after Joe, but as I couldn't see Joe, Marcus was there to support me and to keep me company instead. "Joe's not with Niamh anymore." Marcus informed me as he put all my perfumes back on my dressing table. "Really? How come?" I wondered curiously. Marcus sighed before saying "She was being a bitch. He said that she kept bringing you up because he wouldn't get her a bracelet. She was nasty. I hated her. I think he hated her too. Good riddance." I laughed. "Yeah, Joe didn't deserve her." Marcus nodded. We spoke about old memories while we carried on unpacking and during it I discovered a envelope with my name neatly written on it. "Um, Marcus, I think this is Joe's writing." I said. Marcus looked at it and replied "Yeah. That's Joe's writing, definitely. What is it?" I looked at it again and suddenly remembered receiving it a couple of years back in Australia. "I think it's the letter he sent me after I had been there a year, but I never read it. Should I open it now?" I questioned. Marcus agreed. "Yeah, go on, if you don't, it will bugger you and you'll regret it. Read it out." He admitted. I took a deep breath and opened it up. The letter smelt of his Hugo Boss aftershave that I had got him for his birthday, it was the one that Ryan Reynolds had in that advert. I inhaled the scent and smiled to myself as memories came flooding back. I then proceeded to read the letter out to Marcus.

"Dear Elena, I've written this letter a million times, I've been trying to find the right words. Today is the day that is officially a year since you got on that plane. A year since I cried hours on end because you left me just as I was about to tell you how I felt. I know it was a bad time but I needed to tell you before you left. You really hurt me Elena, it's been a year since you said goodbye and yet you haven't called, you haven't even sent a letter or a message. I miss you, what about that don't you understand? It feels like you're trying to erase me from your life... are you? After all we've been through, all those laughs, smiles, late nights, are you really prepared just to forget about me? If you are, then I beg you not to. Please. I need you in my life Elena. Ever since you left I feel empty, like a part of me is missing and that part is with you. What happened to me being your best friend? Is it because I fell in love with you? Is it disgusting? Disgraceful? I couldn't help falling helplessly in love with you, you're perfect Elena Jane Deyes, everything about you is perfect, that's why I fell in love with you and that's why I feel hopeless with out you. I've been struggling to sleep, that day haunts me in many ways, it ends with you telling me that I'm not good enough for you. I wish that's not true. You know, Zoe is trying to get me to move on? I tell her if it was her in my place and you were Alfie, how would she feel? She just goes quiet. I've been finding it hard to cope, I just need to hear your voice, just for a second. I can't deal with this pain anymore Elena, I just need you to talk to me like you used to. I hope you're happy in Australia. I bet you won't even read this letter will you? Well if you do then, talk to me. If you don't then okay fine, that obviously means you don't miss me. I hope you miss me Elena, even if it's not half as much as I miss you. Well, I hope you're okay and you're happy and you're thinking of me. I hope I see you soon or hear your voice once more. I love you Elena, I've always have and always will for eternity. Joe."

I went quiet for a while. I started to cry hard. I had been so horrible. "Elena..." Marcus started. I shook my head and put the letter away. "I hurt him Marcus... I should've called... I was going to call so many times... but I couldn't... I didn't know what to say... I did think of him... I couldn't sleep either... he was on my mind too... everything I did, everywhere I went reminded me of him... I don't know what to do..." I sobbed. Marcus pulled me in for a hug and held me close to his chest. "You love him don't you?" Marcus enquired. I nodded and wiped away my tears. "Yes I love him, I love him so much. I'm lost with out him too. I want to see him. When can I see him Marcus?" I admitted. Marcus thought about it before smirking to himself. "I've got the perfect idea. We're going to Playlist Live soon. You could surprise him Elena, it'd be sweet. I'll get everyone to help us organise it." He explained. I beamed and agreed. Marcus then informed me that the vlog I made with him and the boys couldn't be posted until I see Joe, which disappointed me a little but I was more focused on organising the reunion with Joe.

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