~Rayne | The Enthralled~

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The hallways echoed and groaned as if to protest having all of the new people within its walls. Wind spitefully rushed into the crevices of the stone creating a whistling in the dark night. It rushed through every open window and viciously nipped at the people that resided inside. The castle shook and grumbled at this and a war seemed to combust between the two. Rayne certainly felt the unending chill and wrapped her furs around herself tighter.

She had left Jon's room only moments ago and made her way to her own chambers with a devious smile on her face. Her body missed and shivered in defiance immediately after she departed from him and she knew she had left him wanting more because she felt the same. If she could, she would go back to Jon's chambers and lie with him all throughout the night. If she could get anything she wanted it would be to never part from Jon. However, the feast was only a few hours away and Rayne had responsibilities that pretained to finding the Stark girls; however, people like Rayne never got what they wanted. Despite being slightly concerned with her own ability to get over terrifying events, Rayne felt content with her life at the moment. It seemed that even the welting bruise on her wrist could not bring her smile away from her face.

Her thoughts had swarmed her like moths drawn to a flame and the cold did the same. As she walked through the snaking corridors, she soon made it to Lady Sansa's chambers. Quiet muttering could be heard and Arya's protests were the loudest thing in the castle. Rayne made her way to the large wooden door and entered Sansa's chambers. Arya, Sansa, and the handmaidens all turned towards her and Arya sighed in relief.

"Rayne, tell Sansa that I don't need a stupid fancy dress!" Arya whined pathetically. This made Rayne laugh as she sat down on a stool inbetween both of the sisters.

"Oh, come on Arya. This feast is a once in a lifetime event. It can't be that bad."

"It is that bad. Everyone is freaking out over the stupid royal family and Sansa is doing the same over the stupid royal prince. I just want to go riding with you and Jon and Robb. Can we do that instead?" Arya raved on and didn't stop her tangent to even breathe. The young girl was so headstrong that it often left people bewildered as well as speechless.

"Hush now. You mustn't let people hear you speak of them like that." Rayne scolded and the girl's face fell. Rayne immediately felt somewhat guilty at Arya's disappointment. "But I will tell you what. If you suck it up for this one night and do your best to behave, me and Jon will take you riding to our place and we'll train with you."

Arya's dark brown eyes lit up again. "Really? Promise?" The young girl practically jumped in anticipation.

"I promise. But you must remember to humor our guests for the time being." Arya nodded frantically just as Sabé, the handmaiden, finished braiding her hair. Before anyone could so much as blink, Arya had already sprung from her seat and ran from the room, probably going to find Jon.

"You shouldn't give in to her so easily. She's a spoiled brat who doesn't have manners." Sansa stared at herself vainly in the mirror as her sun-kissed hair was being braided on top of her head. Rayne looked at the girl briefly before turning back to the floor.

"Yes, she is, but so are you." Rayne smiled and Sansa's mouth went agape as she lightly hit Rayne on the arm. "Am not!"

"If you say so, my lady. Anyway, I best be off to see if your mother needs any assistance." Rayne said standing.

"Thank you, but that is not needed." As if on a cue, Lady Catelyn walked into the room with a smile on her face as she gazed at her eldest daughter and Rayne. "Besides, you must get ready as well."

Rayne stood confused. "Get ready?" Rayne looked at her attire. "I already did earlier today."

"Nonsense. That was for the king's arrival. This is the feast. Sit, I will do your hair." Catelyn spoke and approached the puzzled girl.

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