[1] Chapter one

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"What!" Queen yelled.

Yelling is one of her habits, she wants everything to be perfect. Everything! And after all, she is the queen, she have to handle everything including this whole kingdom. She have been rough, since I first met her. She always stared at me with one of her bare eyes.

Why she always did that? What she thought? What intentions she have? What kind of plan, she was making, since my father died? She is completely arcane!

No one can read her thoughts! She has secretive mind.

"Sorry Queen, please forgive us. We tried, but unfortunately he went before our arrival." Maids apologized, leading their heads down.

I always liked the people of my kingdom(Phoenix). They all are so kind to me, as like my friends.

"I only said you one thing! only one thing, but you disappointed me by not doing it in a right way!" Queen continued with her eyes rolled.

"We tried..." One of the maids continued.

"I don't want to hear anything, just get out from here!' She cut her off and pointed her finger to the door, which was so beautiful wooden decorated with roses.

The maids leaved the room with their sad faces. They never got good amount of money, even when they try their best. Long ago, the cruel queen cheated and robbed another kingdoms. But when I came to discuss with her all about this, she suddenly changed the topic. She is clever and mysterious. No one can comprehend...

My lovely stepmother Jasmine! Which is actually not lovely has control over the whole kingdom! Because of her, there is anarchy spread all over the kingdom.


The Queen's room concluded 2 doors and 1 big balcony. When the door went closed, the queen went to balcony with a rough expression. She always used to go at balcony and see the sight of the whole kingdom, maybe the nature made her mood fine.

I don't know what exactly makes her fine there, something is really is going inside her brain of which, I am unaware of. Maybe, she is waiting for something to come? A day? What it would be?

Caroline, you have to be one step forward than her. Maybe she will be dangerous for you.

If someones treats you like a shit, just remember that there is something wrong with them, not you and only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.

She always considered herself strong and was proud of herself. Let me tell her that she has been living in a fool's paradise.

I, the only princess, the only hope of this kingdom, tried to make my people live a happy and peaceful life. I won't let my people go through woes, I will support them with all my might. I will do whatever I can do to protect this kingdom!

Whenever I get to see sad faces in castle, I knew by myself that it's something related to her. Everything bad in this castle happens just because of her! She is the one evil here! She makes trouble for everyone. When she get to see someone against her, she uses only one gesture and finished! That's what, she used to do.

To kill people...


I was passing through the corridors, grabbing my red gown with black roses on it; which made my dress look beautiful and big sleeves; which nearly touched at the floor. I have thick, brownish red hair fixed in a thick ribbon, only because of so many struggles of mine. Whenever I try to fix them, they burst open.

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