Finally!! Something 'new'

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Hey guys and girls.

I had an okay start at my new school. Its Been about almost 2 months ago since i started.

So Anyway i am gonna begin the story very soon.

but i also have some news...

My sis is getting married (in 4 weeks) and im gonna be one of her braidsmaids!!!

Also, I got my first every reeeaal boyfriend a few days ago eyyyy!!! :D

So anyway, im gonna begin the story after my sisters wedding so i plan on having/getting the first chapter out about 2 weeks after the wedding or so.

And to end this i think we should celebrate that i maniged for the first time... to write a SHORT a/n YAAAAAAY!!! hahah XD

So be tuned for the book that is finally gonna come out after such a long wait. and guys (and girls) i am SO sorry for the wait and all my lame excuses, an all the things that got in the way :'(

But at least i now have a "deadline thingy" scheduled *thumbs up, and smiley face hehe :D*

So be excided for that, and until then BYYYYYEE all my lovely people :-* <3


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