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I was like most anyone else within my age group, I had to know "Well what's that do, I wonder what sex is like, People look like they're having fun that must be why there doing that!"

Something, I realized several years' later in life through actual experience is that most people have/had enough common sense to realize that with anything mischievous or something that may impact your life negatively. Most people, seemed to grasp the concept of "before it became a negative impact on them and the life around them, they would quit. Enough was enough. They had common sense and limits, not me oh no. Not me.

As I finished rolling a joint I took it to my mouth and deeply inhaled multiple times only to be in a calm, foggy & relaxed mindset. Really honestly, "What in the world did I have to complain about?" I had both of my parents, grew up financially stable, and got what I needed and more as far as material things go. If anyone needed a joint to "relax them". That person was my dad, he has always been under a tremendous amount of stress but hmmmm... Actually, NO he didn't need a joint he dealt with it and made the best of any situation as "normal, productive members of society do". From the age of approximately 13-15 I had partied (wasted more time than most) people do in their entire life.

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