Megan’s P.O.V.

                “WHAT?!” I hear Erin, Laura, and Erika yell when I tell everyone about the quadruple date.

                “We. Are. All. Going. On. A. Date. With. The. Guys.” I say slowly as if they were three years old. “But me and Erika are just going to hang out with Liam. Forever alone.”

                “Oh, okay!” Erika says suddenly happy.

                “But were still making you look all fancy like! All of you!” I say and me and Melissa pounce on them dragging them up the stairs, them screaming their protest as we go up. “Melissa, me and you will take Erika, as we all know she’ll be difficult. And Laura and Erin you two can start getting ready. Oh, and I’m tired of all the complaints, we all know that you guys like them!” I say as we tie a struggling Erika down and heat up the straightener. And an hour later and much straightening and makeup, Erika is finished and sulking in the corner. “Erin, come here! I’m curling your hair! Melissa, you go curl Laura’s hair. And then Laura you can do mine while Erin does Melissa’s hair. Then we do the same for makeup and then y’all can go raid my closet for outfits! Oh and Erika you can go get us some snacks!” I flash Erika a smile to which she replies with a glare and sticking her tongue out. “Ready? BREAK!”

                Another hour later we are all done with hair and are putting on each other’s makeup and eat some snacks.

                “Done!” I hear Laura say and I open my eyes as she closes her eye shadow. I see Erin saying that as we pack up our make-up and we all get up and raid my closet.

                “Is this cute?” I hear Melissa say as she holds up a dress.

                “Is this?” Erin holds up a dress.

                “Megan, I need your help!” Laura says.

                “STOP! Guys I know your nervous, but seriously? Laura you want to go to Parson’s! Melissa you are always awesome with clothes! And Erin you never wear dresses! Don’t change who you are for a date! Now guys come here! Erin, this for you. Laura, this for you. Melissa, for you. And Erika got off YO LAZY butt and change into this! Ok, and here’s mine! Now hurry we have a half hour and we still need to pick out accessories!”

                A half hour later and a lot of rushing later we were ready and we heard the boys knock on our door and we all went down and opened the door. Their jaws dropped as they saw five smokin’ girls in front of them. “Hey, boys let’s go to the beach." I yell!

                "Beach. Let‘s all get away. Say-ay whatcha ya gonna say. Have a drink clink. Found a Bud light. Them girls like me their hard to come by!” We sing as we walk down the hallway.


Harry’s P.O.V.

                I sit there all alone as I hear them walk down the hallway singing. I feel really bad about what Caroline did to Megan the other night. Caroline has really been getting on my nerves lately.

                “Wait guys!” I hear someone yell and the door open. A beautiful Megan walks in and sits down next to me. “Hey, I felt bad leaving you all alone. So come on we’re all going to the boardwalk. Let’s go!” She says and holds out her hand as she gets up.

                “Wait aren’t you going with Liam?” I ask confused.

                “Oh yeah that, we aren’t really going out. We’re the only two who are single who was there, so we just wanted to see what you would do! And it was our revenge for you not sticking up for me!” She says and I feel bad.

                “Again, I’m sor-“ I start to say.

                “It’s fine stop apologizing. Now let’s go their waiting!” She pulls my hand and we run down the stairs and meet the guys in the lobby. “Hey guys, Harry’s coming. Now let’s go! It’s already 6:15.”

                We get to the boardwalk and luckily it’s not very busy. Although I guess a lot of people won’t be here on a Wednesday night two weeks before Memorial day. I see a huge roller coaster in the back and drag Harry towards it.

                “Come on! I want to go on a ride!” She yell as we dodge people.

                “Wait, what ride?” I ask as I see a huge rollercoaster right where she was seemingly running and I stop in terror.

                “That one.” Megan say pointing to it.

                “No, no no no no no!” I say backing up.

                “Too bad! We are, now come one. Please Harry, please, please, please, please, PLEASE!” She say and gets on here knees and makes a puppy dog face.

                “Fine! Just stop giving me that look!” I say not being able to resist it. When we get on it she asks for the front seat and I glare at her, but she smiles and skips up to the front. We start going up the hill and I freeze up and can’t stop thinking about what would happen if it gets derailed. We start going down the hill and I feel tat thing at the bottom of my stomach that I HATE! “MEGAN IF WE LIVE THROUGH THIS, I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” I yell and when we get off the ride she’s laughing runs away, I chase after and start laughing as well.

                “I think you actually had a little fun!” She says when I catch up to her and corner her near the ring toss.

                “None at all, I hat-“ I start to say.

                “Harry, look at the stuffed cat! I want it! I want it! But it’s basketball, I suck at basketball!” She says and sneaks under my arm pointing at the game stand and runs over to it. I follow her just as she gives the guy 10 dollars for 6 throws. She throws the first one and it completely misses and goes into the ocean which is right behind the booth. I chuckle and she turns around and blushes, seeing me there.

                “Shut up!” She says and I raise my arms in defeat. She continues to throw them and misses them every time until she only has one left. I walk up beside her as she picks up the ball and put my arms around hers and she turns around and smiles at me. “What are you doing?”

                “Well, it’s pretty obvious you’re gonna miss it, so I thought I’d help you. Now just follow what I do.” I say and push our hands forward and the ball goes sailing into towards the hop where it lands on the hoop and goes around and around us cheering the entire time. “Come on you can do it!” We yell as it goes around until it finally falls into the net.

                “YES!” Megan yells and starts jumping up and down and hugs me.

                “Megan, choose what you want!” I say and pull away from the hug regretfully.

                “That one!” She says pointing at the blue and purple cat. The guy pulled it down and hands it to her and she hugs it. “Little Larry is going to be jealous about him. Thank you, Harry for winning me him. What should we name him?”

                “No problem, it was fun. And what about… Merry? Since it’s both of our names combined!” I say and she grins wildly.

                “Yes! That’s perfect! I love it! Yay! I’m excited! Now let’s go eat!” She says and I laugh at her hyperness, if that’s a word. She grabs my hand and pulls me over to the food stand. “I want… Cotton Candy!”

                “And I want an Ice Cream.” I tell the people and I pay for both of us.  I hand Megan her Cotton Candy and she grins wildly and takes a bite out of it.

                “Mmmmmmmmmmm, this is soooo good!” She exclaims. “What should we do next?!”

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