Chapter 23

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Daiyan groaned, silently cursing the awful sound of his alarm. For God's sake, he just had gotten into slumber and that good for nothing chirp had to kill his already disturbed sleep. Didn't know why he used to put that nine p.m. alarm in the first place?

The time limit of work!

He sat upon his bed, his head felt numb with the amount of tiredness he was feeling and also the severe headache which felt like it would never ever end in his entire life. Daiyan grabbed his hair in his hands to put end to whatever thoughts he was getting and essentially to soothe his tensed muscles.

Today morning after getting that awful news, he directly came to his house and without meeting his mother, Daiyan closed himself in the barrier of his room. He didn't want to face anybody, anybody who would remind him of Safiya Jameel.

Safiya Jameel, a girl with whom he fell in love, madly. A girl who was unknown of his budding feelings, a girl who was now gone and a girl he felt, Daiyan would never see her again. The whole morning went in trying to contact her, he wanted to hear from her that it was her decision and yes, her own decision to choose somebody for her and put everybody in grief.

But now a secretive feeling was surrounding his heart in the dark cloud of anticipation that whatever was happening was true. Safiya was really a silly girl and maybe she did these things really even though without thinking but she did. Perhaps, she really wanted to marry Raem soon so she went away with him. But how, Raem was in Bhopal and how could it be possible? Maybe, she went to Bhopal just for the sake of Raem, her childhood friend, cousin and lover. How he was so sure that it was Raem? It could be anyone else, it could be Aaban.

Daiyan was feeling stuck in the pit of maybes and perhaps and he had no idea where his life was taking him. Standing under the shower as the water droplets cascaded his body, his mind was running behind his little girl. Didn't know, she was still his or not.

Putting a sky blue shirt with a casual jeans, he left his room only to find his mother on the dining table. Her glare a little too much for him as he moved ahead.

"Hey, mum!"

He kissed her cheek before taking a seat nearby her chair. Daiyan wanted to move his mind away from everything for the time being but that feeling of worry was not going anywhere. It was fixed as if it would never be uprooted.

"What is this, Daiyan? Such childish behavior. I never expected this from you."

Mum said as soon as he took his seat while he just bowed down his head on the plate to avoid the whole topic. He knew she would be talking about his behavior of today's morning when he had shut everyone off.

"Are you listening to me, Daiyan?" Mum shook his arm and he calmly looked up from his plate.

"Yes Mum and I don't know what are you talking about."

"No my dear son, you definitely know what I'm talking about that's why you have no guts to look me in the eyes."

She stood up from her place, leaving him alone to have his dinner which was now slightly difficult after hurting his mother. Never in his entire life he had seen her so furious even when he used to give her reasons to be so. But now he had seen a new side of his Mum; angry, furious, dangerous.

He entered his mother's room with a knock and found her seated at the edge of the bed with her back towards him. Daiyan gulped a ball of hurt seeing her like this, he never wanted to see her hurt and in pain because she had already seen these a lot. He always wanted to keep her happy with that beautiful smile on her face.

"Hey! I'm sorry." Daiyan said kneeling down and putting his head in his mother's lap. Mum was a little surprised on his sudden intrusion but her hand slowly came in his hair.

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