= Chapter 42 =

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"I felt words that stabbed like knives and I felt your words which healed me in seconds ."

-Jeremy Lockhart

I never knew falling asleep in the arms of the guy you like could actually be the best feeling in the world. To wake up to his soft snores and golden messy bed hair gave me the chance to admire him. Twirling my fingers around his hair, his eyes remained close but a smile spread across his lips.

"Morning Sky" he spoke in a husky voice which made me shiver in delight.

Before I could answer, the house vibrated with electronic beats. Jeremy's eyes snapped open, both of us rolling off the bed in curiosity. Intwining our fingers, Jeremy opened the door. Following the sounds of hyped beats, it led to a room.

Peering into the room, our eyes met Kai who was spinning beats with his DJ set, headphones over his ears with his eyes closed, as if feeling every rhythm. To be honest, the music he was creating was impressive and he seemed really experienced.

"KAI!" Jeremy shouted over the loud music.

Kai casually looked over to us with a lazy smile before switching off his music.

"You woke us up you little shit." Jeremy cursed.

"Good morning to you too Jeremy, what's got your panties in a twist?" Kai replied which caused me to snicker.

Jeremy glared at him, his hand pulling me closer. He remained quiet, inspecting the room.

"Wait a minute, this is not your bedroom. SO YOU DID HAVE AN EXTRA ROOM!" Jeremy pointed an accusing finger at Kai.

A guilty smile plastered on Kai's face.

"It was Gabriel's plan too!" Kai raised his hands in surrender.

"I could have had a room to myself!" I pouted in greed.

"You have 5 seconds to run." Was all Jeremy said before Kai took to his feet.

Bursting in laughter, Jeremy looked at me, bringing my hand to his lips—kissing it lightly while keeping his eyes on mine.

"I'll be your knight in shining armor, be back soon princess." And with that, he dashed off after Kai. My heart fluttered when he called me 'princess' cause at that moment, I truly felt like one.

Within seconds I could hear Kai screaming apologies. Skipping down the stairs, Gabriel and Kai were running around the kitchen with Jeremy closely behind. Their laughter brought a smile to my face.

With both their collars in his hand, Jeremy smiled arrogantly.

"Now, what would their punishment be princess?" He said poshly.bTapping my chin in thought, Gabriel and Kai casted me merciful eyes.

"Make us breakfast, a good one." I spoke evilly, before Jeremy cheered. Both brothers sighed, getting to work.

Sitting at the counter next to Jeremy, we enjoyed the view of both brothers whipping up mouth watering dishes from bacon to pancakes.

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