Chapter 11 : Lesson

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3 years old

"Do you realise anything this past year while you were using your ability?"

I nodded," The more I use, the more tired I feel. "

"Now my little princess." He smiled
"I will be teaching you about mana."

I tilted my head, I heard of that in games before.

"What's that?"

He smiled as he released a dark aura and I immediately dropped to the floor.

'It was strong enough to bring me to my knees.'

"This is my aura. It's a capacity of sort. Different types of abilities have different types of aura and capacity. Mine for example. I can kill anybody just by thinking about it. This will make a small dent in my aura. But if  I were to compare my aura with another ability user aura, this move would have completely depleted his aura. "

" Ah! "

" I am guessing this is God's way of saying that he might have given us abilities but it will not last. If I use my ability more than a hundred times, my aura would have become completely empty. " He sighed as he lifted his arms.

" So the stronger you are, the larger aura capacity you have? " I asked.

" Not quite right. It's more of, the type of ability you have. "
" So comparing my aura and daddy aura, since daddy is stronger than me. If I used my ability, it would have made a dent in my aura but barely anything in yours. But if you use your ability, it would have made a dent in your aura but a large hole in mine?"

" Correct. " 

I pouted.

" Daddy is always not fair. He is always stronger. "

He chuckled and lifted me up into his arms.

" This ability of your is something that were given to you. No two ability is ever the same. You may try however you may not be able to increase you capacity. It was set for us along with our ability. " He smiled

"But daddy is glad to be more powerful than you. That means I can protect you more." He hugged me.

As I basked in his warm hug, I heard him mutter, " Oh my sweet princess..."

"Never leave me. I am nothing without you..."

'Never.' Was the promise I made in my heart.


After reporting back to Lullaby ~

"So this is your Son?" Daddy asked as he analysis Air who stood in front of him.

I nodded.

Air only yawned, "Nice to meet you..." He yawned again.

"He is languid."

Daddy nodded in understanding.

"This is some weird complex family shit going on."

"Air is my son from my previous life. Ruin is my dad from from my current life."

"By the rule of nature we were not suppose to meet. Air, I am still your mother in heart but no longer in blood."

He gave me a face which says 'does it look like I give two shit about that.'


"So you ditch your beloved father for our princess?" Kai asked.

Daddy's smirk widen as Air nodded.
"I like you." The bloody twins chorus.

"Welcome to the family~" Everyone smiled.

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