Chapter 6 Confessions

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  "Oh no." Panic filled Hermione. "No, no! What did he do to you?!" she cried, as Snape tried to cast the spell again. Nothing. Not a flicker or spark of magic came from his wand. He pointed it at a piece of parchment on the floor and tried to levitate it. Nothing. "Miss Granger, give me your wand." he demanded, pale faced. Hermione thrust it at him and he grabbed it, trying to levitate the paper again. Nothing. He tried wandless magic. Nothing. And he felt completely exhausted.

  "Miss Granger," he croaked, "if you could transfigure that quill into a cot I would be most grateful." She rolled her eyes. "Nonsense," she huffed, "you will sleep in my bed like a normal human being. Stop denying yourself small pleasures." She thought for a moment then added, "sir."

  He winced as she hooked her arms under his shoulders and dragged him heavily to the bed. He managed to stand just long enough for her to push him into it, where he rolled over his stomach. "Professor, do you need some water? Or food? Potions?" Hermione asked, worried. He sighed into the pillow. "No Miss Granger, but I would very much appreciate some solitude right now." His voice was muffled by the fabric. He was relishing the sweet scent of jasmine lingering on it. "Ok, sir. Yell if you need anything." and with that she left and closed the door softly behind her with a *click*.

  Mr. and Mrs. Granger followed Hermione to the kitchen where she explained what she and Severus had discussed. She also told them that he was, in fact, not her boyfriend. Hermione groaned as she remembered.

*flashback to about 30 minutes before*

  "Hermione, are you saying that you're going to wipe our memories of you and live in your boyfriend's house in the middle of nowhere in Australia?" Mr. Granger asked, disbelief evident in his voice. Hermione looked down and blushed, mumbling something. "What was that, dear?" asked Mrs. Granger. Hermione raised her head. "I said he's not actually my boyfriend, mum. I didn't really know how to explain why he was here and it was the first thing that came to mind. He's actually the potions master at Hogwarts. I talk about him all the time because I greatly admire him, but I never said he was a teacher because my crush was so evident." She looked away, ashamed.

  Mr. Granger leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. "I'm sure that we will understand much better if you tell us why you admire him so much." He shot a knowing look at his wife, who sniffed and looked away.

  Hermione twiddled her thumbs nervously, not knowing where to start. "Well," she began, "he's brilliant. Professor Snape has created dozens of spells, some of which when he was only in second year. And his talent with potion making, it's really quite amazing. He's made significant progress with the wolfsbane potion, and is just a few months away from curing lycanthropy all together!" She lifted her head now, more confident. "And his focus and concentration, I envy it. I mean, you've seen me study one page for hours on end, but he's even more intense. I've never seen anyone with a passion for learning more enthusiastic than mine. I swear, you can almost see beads of sweat on his forehead when he really gets into a text. And he's an amazing teacher, too. Yes, he's rather harsh, but potions are very dangerous and if betrating and belittling us is what it takes to show us that, than he's an

  Hermione was unaware that during her love-struck speech, Severus was at the top of the stairs the entire time, hanging on every word. Miss Granger liked his teaching techniques? Even after he had verbally abused her and given her detentions with the worst punishments he could think of? Well, the worst ones the school rules would allow. He had realized that Hermione needed to change the blood-soaked bandage only a few minutes after she had left, and did not want to disturb everyone by yelling. So, mustering up the little strength he had, he had hobbled to the top of the stairs when he heard her father ask what she liked about him. Subconsciously, he started to list all of Hermione's good attributes. Being excited when she knew the answer, (he had been the same way when he was her age) a burning passion for learning, and, of course, improving the world's knowledge on subjects rarely discussed. Such as her SPEW campaign, or his research for finding a cure for lycanthropy. He was so very close, but he was missing a few key ideas, which no doubt Hermione could provide. He would have to invite her to his house in muggle London, on Spinner's End.

  With that thought in mind, he padded back to Hermione's room and lay down on the bed with his fingers laced together under his head, deep in thought.

  Hermione continued to talk about his hands, so graceful and fluent he must have made a deal with the devil for them, his eyes, which you could get lost in for hours if you weren't careful, and especially his voice, which he should need a permit for. It was absolutely sinful. When she finished, face flushed and rather out of breath, Mr. Granger smirked at his wife with a smug expression on his face. Mrs. Granger did not notice, however. She was deep in thought. So Hermione really did love him. She admired everything about him, from his bravery to his voice to his sarcasm. Which was quite tasteful, in her opinion. If Severus showed that he returned her feelings or felt similar to Hermione, than she would give them her blessing. It was disconcerting that the Professor was 20 years older than her, the same age as her parents, but love was love, and time didn't exist for it.

*end flashback*

  Hermione was now lying down on the green couch in the living room, with a stack of books next to it. But she hadn't touched one, too deep in thought about the potions master. She knew about Lily, he had told her his life story once when he was way too drunk during a Christmas party at Grimwald place, and found it extremely sad. He was trapped in the past and payed every single day for that one, stupid word. Just one little mistake that had changed his life forever.

  Lily was not who everyone thought she was, Hermione thought with a frown. If she was so kind and forgiving, then why hadn't she forgiven Severus? Hermione hadn't forgiven Malfoy, but that was because he was always being a jerk to the Gryffindors. Severus had given his heart to Lily, and she had stomped on it like a piece of rubbish on the sidewalk. But she had twisted her heal into it, which he felt every day.

  Hermione rolled over and faced the back of the couch, scowling. Severus deserved happiness and she would be damned if she didn't try to give him any. Lily hadn't deserved a friend like him. As she drifted off to sleep, Hermione wondered if he would be willing to give her a chance...



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