Chapter 1-Is There Love?

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Henry Fox POV
I lay in bed, next to a prostitute I hired for the evening. She only satisfies by beastly needs for the moment. She is sleeping and snoring loudly. I get out of bed in disgust. I go to the window of my penthouse in New York and observe the city below me. Full of crawling animals and sick, disgusting people. I feel disgusted at myself for sleeping with a piece of trash. I am a 29-year-old CEO, who longs for a stable relationship. I have many women crawling at my feet and yet, I'm not happy with any of them. I want to have love. I want to love someone who is worthy of my attention. I want a girl who will worship me, love me for only me, and will be willing to be my slave forever. I wake the whore up, pay her, and kick her out. I shower and scrub my body. I then slip in my luxurious bed with Egyptian cotton and sleep peacefully, hoping that my dreams will be made into reality.

The Following Day

I wake up to start my day. I make my ice coffee with a bagel. My clothes are pressed by the maid. I start my car using my phone and head to my company. I own a chain of medical equipment companies and I am the youngest CEO that they have in almost twenty years. As I park my car in the garage and walk down the street, I look around and see all the people lead very normal lives. How can they be happy with so much evil in the world? My thoughts are interrupted by a girl who bumped into me and spilling her coffee on me. "OH GOD! Sir, I'm so sorry! I didn't see where I was going!" She kneels in front of me, picking up some folders she had also dropped. "Oh no! Now, I have to reprint these all over again! Sir, please forgive me. I'll pay for the dry-cleaning on that suit. It looks expensive but I'll pay for it. I promise!" As she was muttering and scrambling for words, I was captivated by her beauty. Her brown hair, all messy and her lipstick smudged from accidentally brushing it against her hand, and her skirt, slightly torn along her beautiful legs. From then on, I knew she was the one for me. I will conquer her. I WILL OWN HER.

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