Chapter 4 - unexpected pregnancy

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Knuckles pov

Great just great about only 5 weeks ago I wished our lives would be a hole lot greater and things would get better between us but what I didn't wish was for Sonic to get pregnant...I haven't even told him I loved him yet nor have I proposed to him and already we don't even know whether or not we be starting a family....he came into the room and said as I turned to him coldly, Hey.....I guess you and I are about to be parents.....what do you..... I interrupted him coldly, I DIDN'T WISH FOR YOU TO BE PREGNANT SO JUST GET OUTTA MY SIGHT!!!

Sonics pov

My heart shattered as he yelled, I DIDN'T WISH FOR YOU TO BE PREGNANT SO JUST GET OUTTA MY SIGHT!!! I ran off crying into the forest and stopped into tears. I was crying for what felt like forever but then something really really horrible happens to me and the baby. So anyway before I began....our baby is a boy but I don't know what to name him. I was about to walk outta here when some freak grabbed me from behind....I screamed, NO HEL..MMPPHH!! (He covered my mouth with his hand) said from behind, where do you think your going my dear... I muffled a scream and then he dragged me to where he lives which is not a good thing...

Knuckles pov

I felt really bad about yelling at Sonic like that....then I hear Sonic screaming then I ran out to find him.....but I do have a question....I mean questions: 1. What gender is our child? 2. If it's really a boy I don't know what the heck are we going to name him? 3. Am I seriously trying to think of both Sonic and me? 4. Why do I haft to be such a brat? 5. Could it get any worse? 6. Why the heck is Sonic pregnant? he's a boy....right? 7. how the heck is it possible for a sweet boy like Sonic to get pregnant?....(probably has something to with my wish) 8. Why did I make that horrible wish that day? 9. When am I ever going to learn? & 10. Why is my love for Sonic stronger than before? The questions are unreasonable but the only thing I can answer for my last question is that there is a vacancy of our eternal love....

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