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Hi there! My name is Y/N. I'm the oldest child on my family. I'm Y/A (your age) years old. I have a Sister, her name is S/N (Sister name). We lived with my mom. I lost my dad when I was 5 from a car accident. So it was just the 3 of us, leaving me as the one in charge to look for money. It doesn't matter to me, as long as my family isn't left starving.

I work as a (insert job). Their payment is good. But the boss is really flirty, which really getting on my nerve. But I have to be patient, for my family. If I lost this job, it'll take a while for me to get another job. My family will be starving.

I'm walking on my way home from work. I can't shake the feeling of being watched. I've been getting this feelings for the past 3 years. I look around me to see no one. Sometimes I felt really uncomfortable. "Who's there?" I call out, trying to be brave. No one is there. But I know someone was there. I shook my head and start sprinting.

Jason P.O.V

'She's so beautiful. The moment I saw her, I can say that I'm smitten. I fall in love with her right away. Y/N.... I hope you can know how I really felt about you. I hope you would return my feelings. I love you so much. I shall have you, no one else will... No one but me' I thought while watching her. You guessed it! I'm the one who's watching her. I can't help it! She's just so breathtaking. She will be mine.

I decided it was enough watching her tonight. I don't want to make her feel anymore uncomfortable. I decided to just head home. But I will make a plan to get her.

When I reach home. I head to the kitchen to see my Brother Alex. "Sup' Bro!" I greet him. He turns to me and smirk "sup" he respond. I walk to the fridge and open it. I took a can of beer and start chugging it down. "Where have you been?" I heard Alex asks me. I turn to him and shrug "the usual" I replied. He knew exactly what I meant. He and the rest of the gangs know about her. About how I really love her. He just shook his head. "You're gonna scare her off  if you keep doing that" he said, chuckling slightly. I sigh "I know that. I just.... Can't help it! I'm in love with her so deeply. She's so breathtaking. Her personality is so bright. She never complains every time that bastard she called boss would flirt with her. While I.... One the other hand, can't stand seeing that guy. I'll kill that guy" I say angrily. I can feel my eyes getting darker from anger. Alex places his hand on my shoulder. I relax.

I throw away the empty can and toss it away. I head up to my room and flop myself on the bed, I wish Y/N is here. I could embrace her in my arms... and feel her warmth. I look up at the ceiling. I've placed a lot of pictures of Y/N, so I could fall asleep with her as the last person I saw each day. If I came home with a bad mood. Just by seeing her face, I feel nothing but peace. She's my dream girl. My everything.

"I am Jason McCann. World's most wanted criminal. I'll get what I want. But now.... All I want is you, Y/N" I blow a kiss on her pictures and close my eyes. Falling asleep. I've made my plan, I'm gonna kidnap her.


I come to slow, until I'm walking again. 'Who was that?' 'Why is that person following me?' 'What do that person want?' 'Kidnap me?' 'Murder me?' 'Rape me?' this are the question that's keep bugging my head as I continue my way home.

After a while of walking, I finally reached home. I enter my house and close the door. I lean myself against the door and close my eyes. Breathing in and out. The thought of being watched really scared me beyond belief. I just wished it would stop soon. If this goes on, I won't able to even step outside anymore. That's not a good thing, who would work. How are we gonna gain some money if I to stop working.

I open my eyes and shriek in surprise. I soon relax once I realise who is it. "Gosh! S/N you scared the living day lights out of me!" I say, my hand is on my left chest where my heart is. I can feel it pounding hard. She giggles and run towards me, wrapping her small arms around me, she is only 6. "Welcome home, Sis" she said. I smile and hug her back. "Don't do that again, okay? What if I got a heart attack" I told her. She looks up at me while still hugging me. "Sowwy, Sis" she said guiltily. I smile, I took out a small cat plushie that I bought on the way home.

She squeal at the sight of it

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She squeal at the sight of it. I hand it to her, she instantly hugs it close to her chest. "I take that as you like it" I say giggling. She make a dramatic gasp "like it?! I love it!!! Thank you so much sis" she said. I laugh, I lean down and kiss her forehead "you're welcome, S/N" I'm so happy to see my Sister loves the gift I gave her. I love my Sister so much. She and my mom are the only ones I have. I'll do anything to keep them happy and safe. Even if it caused my life and freedom.

I head up to my room and take a pyjamas. I went to the bathroom for a quick shower. Once I'm done, I wear my pyjamas. I head downstair to make dinner for my family. I already ate, so I head back to my room and flop myself to my bed. Exhaustion consume me and I give in. Letting myself fall asleep.

*to be continued*

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