Leonis, 1:1, 2:14 - Roach Hotel - Round Em' Up

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**Note** Don't blame me if you become extremely pissed at one of the characters in this chapter .  Well, I guess you would have no one else to blame but me since I wrote it. Forget I said anything. Oh well, you have been warned. He is a massive tool.

July 8th, 1952 - 

"One! Two! GO!" The four Negexis Neutralization Officers (NNO) cooperatively slammed the heavy steel battering ram into the door. The impact fractured the slab of wood in two and the frame exploded inward. The remaining half of the door violently swung open on its hinges, creating an opening into the Negexis' two-story, red brick hideout just off 53rd in Brooklyn.

Former NWUS Officer Cory Steffen, now Commander of the newly organized NNO, motioned for the four men to back away from the doorway. He lifted his hands to his lips. "Agents of the Geniel Empire, come out with your hands in the air and you will not be harmed!"


"I promise you, you will not leave on the full moon tonight. This is your only chance to save yourself. Come out with your hands in the air or we are coming in!"

No reply.

"Good, it's going to be a fight, then!" With a nasty grin, Steffen tossed a flashbang into the house and lifted a hand indicating the men should hold their position. "Three...two..."

Electric blue beams discharged from the dark interior of the home and sprayed out into the street.

A thin woman in a bright yellow dress screamed and dropped her bag as her husband fell twitching to the ground. Her crimson curls fell around her face as she knelt down to check on him.

"Whoa!" Steffen exclaimed, watching an apple and an orange roll down the sidewalk past the attractive woman's exposed leg . He could see the couple's sack of groceries lying on its side next to the man, the contents scattered across the concrete.

After a quick scan of the area, Steffen pointed at an Officer in blue riot gear taking cover behind a tree. "You!"

"Sir? Me, sir?" the man inquired and lifted the visor on his helmet.

"Yes, you! Get those people clear of this operation!"

With a nod, the Officer darted across the road toward a growing assembly of people. He began ushering the curious crowd out of the line of fire.

"And you, help that nice lady with her groceries!" Steffen shouted at another Officer. The commander produced a toothy smile and a wink for the distraught redhead. He tilted his black Fedora forward with a pair of fingers and yelled, "Your husband will be alright, ma'am, apparently it was only set to stun!"

"What are your orders, sir?" an Asian-American officer standing next to Steffen asked.

The commander returned his hat to head. "Well, Officer Kinoshita, it looks as if we're going to have to go all 'cowboy' on this one."

"Hell yeah, I love playing cowboys and Negexis!" the Officer said, extracting his own energy weapon from a holster.

Steffen placed a gloved hand on the weapon and lowered it. "Nah, put that away, Kino. Let's use bullets today!"

"Sir, they are only using stun..."

"Don't care. I want to go tell that pretty redhead I avenged her husband." Steffen cracked his knuckles. "He's gonna be in the hospital for a few days, after all. She might need a shoulder to lean them fiery locks on while he's recovering, you know?"

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