bonus convo: 9 : 4 6 PM

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"What do you want now.."

"Well, right now I'm wanting the respect I deserve, but I shouldn't except much from a— .. A someone like you."

"What is tha—?"

"Quiet. I'm talking. So, anyways, Kaaale?"

"Yes, Riley?"

"Are you sexually attracted to me?"

"...E-Excuse me?"

"C'mon Kale. Be a man, wipe that color off your face. You're a guy, aren't you like, always thinking that stuff?"

"I take offense for the entire male species."

"Oh, grow up. Most, some, entire. Same diff."

"...Not really......"

"Answer the question."

"Uh... Well, I don't know."


"I-I mean! I can be! I am! Sure... Yeah."

"You aren't?"

"I havent really considered it... We have only been dating for a couple months..."

"All couples have sex."

"Since when did you become such a sterotype-r?"

"Since I met you."


"Answer the question honestly."

"Uh, yeah, I guess.. But I wouldn't ever do anything if it wasn't okay with you."

"What if I said it was, and we should have sex right now?"



"Are you on something?"

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