Morning Sex - Part 1

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#Imagine just waking up. You sit up and rub your eyes and look around. You realize your boyfriend, Harry, is'nt in your bed, so you walk downstairs, in just your pink, 'Victoria Secret' panties and a tight white linen. 
When you come downstairs you see Harry siting in the sofa, in only his boxers, watching tv. You walk over to him and kisses his neck. "Good morning handsome!" you whisper. "Good morning sexy!" he says, turn around and takes your face in his hands, kissing your hard, long and passionatley. The kiss ends and you slowly walk away from the sofa. "Where are you going babe?" he said and looked at you dissaponted. "To the kitchen, gotta make some breakfast to my man!" you said and you both laughed. You felt how Harry starred at your bum as you walked to the kitchen. He checked you out the whole time you were cooking. And you smiled to yourself. 
As you were busy frying bacon you felt some hands on your hips and soon you felt Harrys hot breath agaist you neck. "I hate you.." he said and you quickly turned around, facing Harry, with your hands on the kitchen counter. You raiced your eyebrown and looked at him with a questioning look. "'Cause you make me so horny, without barely touching me..." he moaned in your ear, and at that point you felt something hard agaisnt your stomach. You discreetly looked down and bit your lip. Harry had a huge bulge. You smiled and looked into Harrys eyes and kissed him hard. His tounge separated your lips and started to play with yours, your hands around his neck. His hands rested on your bum as one of your hands started to travel down his bare chest. When it finally reaced his boxers you stopped kissing for a second, to breath. He quickly shoved his tounge in your mouth and you started to rub his crotch, outside his boxers. He moaned loudly and you smiled. His hands tightend the grip around your bum as your hand went inside of his boxers, taking his huge dick in your hand, slowly going up and down, the going quicker, and quckier. "Aaahhh! Oh myy god babe!" he screams and as you feel him growing you suddenly stop, and takes your hand out off his boxers. "Babe! What the fuck?!" he says, almost scream, but you just grin agaist him. "The bacon is burning.." you say chilly and turn around, flipping the bacon. You feel how Harry is starring at you.. 
His hand slowly finds its way into your panties, slowly stroking your pussy. You moan quiet, and Harry laughs. You love the pleasure he's giving you, but you're not gonna let in, so you remove his hand and keep cooking. You know how Harry loves it when you're hard to get, it really turn him on, and darn it, it turns you on as hell too. Harry keeps trying to slip his fingers into your panties but you stop him, every time. 
The breakfast is finally done and you both dig in. No one says a word during the breakfast, there's no need to. Harry keeps giving you seducive looks, and stroking your inner thigh. You act like you don't care, but the truth is, you love it. "Babe, that was amazing!" he says and smiles, and so do you. "Now.." he begins when you've taken away the plates. "Are you ready for me?" he askes and snogs you real good.

To be continued..

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