I spend all morning editing as like usual, I couldn't sleep. Caspar then knocked on my door and came in. "Morning. You've got a message on the house phone." Caspar informed him. I thanked him and took the phone off him to listen to the message. "Hey babe, it's Niamh. Can you meet me today at Hyde Park? I miss you already." I groaned and texted her to tell her I would be there before getting up to get ready. I decided to wear my black t-shirt with hype written on it on a leopard print circle and black shorts and trainers. I then grabbed everything I needed and went to the tube station to go to Hyde Park. I met some lovely fans on the tube too. When I arrived to Hyde Park I greeted Niamh with a hug and we took a walk together.

"So, Joe, there's this bracelet in Pandora that I really like, would you buy it me?" Niamh asked. I sighed. "I can't. I'm not made of money and I'm saving up for something." I replied. She hit me on the arm and said "Tough. I come first. If you really loved me then you'd get it me. Do you want me to insult that bitch again? Because I will. It's only £500 and I know you have that." I shook my head, I was fed up of how she treated me. I wanted to end it. "I said no. I'm sick of how you treat me. You don't love me. You just love my money. We're over Niamh, I can't handle you anymore. I'm fed up of you bringing her up against me. Just get out of my sight okay?" I shouted. Niamh stormed off, I no longer had a distraction.

I was still angry when I got home and Caspar noticed it straight away. "Broke up with Niamh?" He questioned. I nodded. "It's for the best, she was a bitch." Caspar admitted. I nodded again before saying "Yeah, but she was also my distraction Caspar, I needed her." Caspar shook his head in a sympathetic way, he and Chai were the only ones who really understood how I was feeling. "Well, I have something exciting to cheer you up." He smiled before handing me a letter with both our names on. I opened it and grinned to see we were invited to Playlist Live that year. "That's amazing." Caspar nodded and we celebrated with pizzas and beer. 

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